MC 9.3: Giving Gifts

Hi friends! I hope you all had a great week! We survived “Lucifer” (not even kidding, that’s the name of the storm) here in SoCal. I was just reminded about how dramatic Californians are with rain! Although I was a little surprised when the electricity in our apartment went out for a few hours. Thankfully it didn’t take too long to come back on.

Anyways, this last week I focused on gifts! I don’t want to brag about the things I got people, but I hope you can be inspired to shower some love in the form of simple gifts to those around you, especially if you know gifts is one of their love languages!

Matt got a Hydroflask bottle around Christmas time, and has really loved it except for the lid, which screws on and off. So I thought I would surprise him with a flip lid for valentine’s day after we said we weren’t doing gifts. But of course the one day I ask him to get the mail is when the package arrived, so unfortunately it wasn’t much of a surprise. At least he tried faking like he didn’t know what it was when I gave it to him!


I also wanted to give our sweet 94-year-old neighbor some love on valentine’s day, so my sweet husband got flowers at my request. He picked out the cutest little plant and hopefully it will give her joy for a while!


Lastly, I had the opportunity to take one of the high school girls in my small group out for dessert and treated her to the best cinnamon rolls ever! A new place near church called Cinnaholic opened up and it is just as addicting as it sounds. She picked chai frosting with blackberries and I picked macadamia nut frosting with coconut. It was so fun! I personally love being treated with free food and I love having the chance to do that for someone else. We had a great time!

Here are a few more ideas to show love to those who appreciate gifts:

  • Buy their favorite candy bar
  • Treat them to coffee
  • Pay for their gas
  • Buy their favorite pens
  • Send them a care package

Getting gifts for people doesn’t have to be expensive, but it definitely communicates you care! See you next week for my last update!

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MC 9.2: Quality Time

Hey friends! Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re hanging out with friends or your significant other, I hope you have a great day! Matt and I actually had our valentine date last night – our fancy restaurant was all booked the day of so we celebrated early! But good food is worth it, amiright?

Anyways, this past week I worked on the love language of quality time, which was challenging but fruitful!

I tried (and sometimes failed) to put down my phone during car rides with Matt and have conversations with him instead. Car rides are always a good time to catch up, and I actually learned a few things he had been thinking about when I made an effort to make myself available to listen to him. I need to do that more often!

I tried to be a better listener this week when interacting with my coworkers and ask about what’s going on in their lives. Small talk is an important part of work culture that often gets overlooked, and that’s something I want to cultivate in my workplace!

On Friday, my friend Mary from home happened to be in the area, and she made time in her busy schedule to come over for dinner. I always love having her visit to catch up and it was nice to have some uninterrupted friend time with one of my besties! While I wanted to veg out and watch a show with her, I suggested instead to play one of our favorite games – Dutch Blitz – so we could interact more. It was so fun having her in our home.

On Saturday, I spent some time with girls from our church’s community group, which was great! I got to learn more about their interests and even their sense of humor over breakfast, then hung out with them at a Galentine’s Day event at a nearby store. I made valentines with them, chatted about what they were getting their SO’s or what things in the store were SO hard to resist buying. It was great getting to know them better and having some quality girl time!

I think quality time is so important because it communicates to someone they are worth your full attention and that you value them. I’m going to keep working on that one for a while!

Also, here’s a little example of words of encouragement, since I’ve been working on it for each of the weeks! At the Galentines event, I made a little valentine for the sweet couple that hosts our young adult community group in their home. The rest of the group is going to sign it for them also just to show our appreciate for them. I thought it turned out really cute!


And here’s another I made for our sweet 93-year-old neighbor!


As an added bonus since it’s Valentine’s Day, I put together a playlist of what I call “Real Love” songs! Each of these songs demonstrate an extra dimension of what true love is (in my opinion), in contrast to most of the songs on the radio today. There’s links to the youtube versions of them, or you can listen to them all on my spotify playlist! I’ll put a little section of the lyrics that stand out to me as well. Enjoy!

Real Love Songs

Pieces – Bethel Music/ Steffany Gretzinger
Unreserved, unrestrained/ Your love is wild/ Your love is wild for me
It isn’t shy, it’s unashamed/Your love is proud/ To be seen with me

Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran
And, darling, I will be loving you ’til we’re 70
And, baby, my heart could still fall as hard at 23

Already Mine – Us The Duo
I already have you/ But I wanna know you again
It’s so hard to kiss you/ When it feels like I’m only a friend
I can’t control you/ Or what your heart will decide
But I’ll never stop trying to fall back in love with what’s already mine

Never Stop (Wedding Version) – Safetysuit
I’ll never stop holding your hand/ I’ll never stop opening your door
I’ll never stop choosing you babe/ I’ll never get used to you

The Ballad Of Love And Hate – The Avett Brothers
Love has been waiting, patient and kind/ Just wanting a phone call or some kind of sign
That the one that she cares for, who’s out of his mind/ Will make it back safe to her arms

Photograph – Ed Sheeran
Loving can heal/ Loving can mend your soul/ And it’s the only thing that I know
I swear it will get easier/ Remember that with every piece of ya

Better Together – Us The Duo (I like their version better)
It’s not always easy/ And sometimes life can be deceiving
I’ll tell you one thing/ It’s always better when we’re together

I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz
I won’t give up on us/ Even if the skies get rough
I’m giving you all my love/ I’m still looking up

Lemonade – Jeremy Passion
She’s my sunshine in the rain/ My Tylenol when I’m in pain
Let me tell you what she means to me
Like a tall glass of lemonade/ When it’s burning hot on summer days
She’s exactly what I need

Your Love Is Strong – Jon Foreman
So why should I worry?/ Why do I freak out?
God knows what I need/ You know what I need
Your love is strong

Easier To Be – Lifehouse
Let myself go/ You were still there
Like coming home/ Coming up for air

Everything – Michael Buble
You’re a falling star, you’re the getaway car/ You’re the line in the sand when I go too far
You’re the swimming pool on an August day/ And you’re the perfect thing to say

Divine Romance – Phil Wickham
A deep deep flood, an ocean flows from you/ Of deep deep love, yeah it’s filling up the room
Your innocent blood has washed my guilty life/ In your presence God I’m completely satisfied

Never Seen Anything Quite Like You – The Script
Well I’ve seen you in jeans with no makeup on/ And I’ve stood there in awe as your date for the prom
I’m blessed as a man to have seen you in white/ But I’ve never seen anything quite like you tonight

I Won’t Let You Go – Switchfoot
If you could only let your guard down/ If you could only trust me somehow
I swear, that I won’t let you go
If you could only let go your doubts/ If you could just believe in me now
I swear that I won’t let you go

I Was Made For Loving You – Tori Kelly/ Ed Sheeran
I was made for loving you/ Even though we may be hopeless hearts just passing through
Every bone screaming I don’t know what we should do
All I know is, darling, I was made for loving you

Stop (Just Love) – Us The Duo
I’ll never stop trying to let you love me/ Even if we’re stuck in rut
Through all this mess we’ve been together/ I’ll be right there, right there / I won’t stop

Same Old Same Old – The Civil Wars
Do I love you/ Oh I do/ And I’m going to ’til I’m gone
But if you think that I can stay in this/ Same old, same old/ Well I don’t

Next to Me – Emeli Sande
When the skies are grey and all the doors are closing
And the rising pressure makes it hard to breathe
When all I need’s a hand to stop the tears from falling
I will find him, I’ll find him next to me

I Believe in a Thing Called Love – Branches
I wanna kiss you every minute, every hour, every day
You got me in a spin but everything is A. OK

Hope you guys enjoy the playlist, and have a great Valentine’s Day! See you Tuesday!

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The Perks of Getting Married Young

Hi friends! This will be my first “rogue” post, if you will, and I’m super excited about it! To me, this blog is more than just a place where I can write about trying new hobbies, but also a place to process and to share my thoughts about life. This post is all about marriage. I love marriage and I am a firm believer in dating your spouse, whether you’ve been married 5 or 50 years.

As some of you know, I was recently married a little over a year ago at 22 years old. Usually when people find out I’m married, they are surprised because I’m “too young to be married!” Which makes sense, because in our culture getting married that young is often because there’s kids involved or the husband is going into the military. In fact, according to this article, the average age for a first marriage is the highest it’s ever been, and almost half of millennials don’t want to get married until they are in their 30s.

I’ve seen many articles circulating around with catchy headlines like “20 things to do in your 20’s” or “21 reasons being single is actually the best,” which are really just lists encouraging people to do whatever they want with gifs to prove their point. I’m all about self-discovery and learning how to “adult,” but I don’t think those things are incompatible with getting married young. In fact, I think getting married young is beneficial in many ways, and here are just a few!

  • There’s someone to listen to you – your 20s can be a really rough time in life, and if you’re like me, you need to verbally process it all with someone! While parents and friends are there for you too, there’s nothing like coming home to your spouse and telling them how crappy (or great) your day was and having them there to listen to you in real time (then cuddle with you after!)
  • You can bounce ideas off each other – your spouse is a great person to do this with because they know you the best! Case in point, I recently read a message I was about to send to someone to Matt to ask if I was coming off the right way, and he helped me fix it so I sounded way less creepy than I would have 🙂
  • You have someone to help you figure out how to pay bills, loans, budget – one of the times I appreciate Matt the most is when he helps me figure out how to do adult things, like registering a new car or keeping track of a budget. That is no fun to do by yourself, and let’s be real, your roommate is probably not going to want to do that all with you.
  • Always have someone there when everyone else is living their own single life – in the age of facebook, instagram and snapchat, it’s easy to look at everyone else’s “perfect” life and feel lonely. I’m guessing most of you, like me, don’t have a ton of money to travel around everywhere and eat at fancy hipster restaurants all the time. Having a spouse really taught me how to be content with my situation in life. I may not be doing some things my single friends can do, but I have a best friend wherever I go, even if it’s just a quick trip to the beach, and that’s amazing!
  • It’s easier to find friends – when you get married, you basically inherit a whole other friend group! You may not get along with all of your spouse’s friends, but odds are you will gain a few. And the more you get involved in things with your spouse, the more chance you have of gaining new friends – which are so important to have when you’re young!
  • You build memories with someone who will be there the rest of your life – this has been a huge blessing to me! I love that when I’m 30, 40, or 50, I can look back on my years as a young adult and share so many memories with Matt. We can laugh about silly things we did before we knew better or reminisce about how we struggled to start our careers. I love that we can share that!
  • They push you to do things you wouldn’t normally do – this is a huge one! When you’re older, you’re more set in your ways and it’s harder to get out of your comfort zone. But when you get married young, your spouse can really be a driving force to help you try new things! For example, I have forced encouraged Matt to try different kinds of food he wouldn’t normally eat, and Matt’s helped me learn more about the game of basketball!
  • You’ll have lots of fun memories of when you were a poor young newlywed couple – for example, Matt made a table and chairs out of the boxes we moved with and we ate off them for probably a few weeks until we invited people over and HAD to buy a table. We frequently have ice cream dates instead of full on dinner dates, or go to the dollar theater instead of the real theater. We aren’t glamorous by any means, but those memories we are making as a young married couple are ones I will treasure.
  • You’re more flexible and you have more free time – your career, interests, family, and hobbies all seem to take up a lot more time the older you get. There just seems to be less time available for everything. When you’re younger, you’re still figuring things out and you have more spare time, so it’s a great chance to devote your free time to building a strong marriage and investing in your spouse without all those distractions! And without kids (or likely even a house), you have so much more flexibility to do the things you really want to do that are harder to do later in life.
  • We were built to have intimate relationships – no matter who you are or what your relationship status is, we were created to have intimate relationships. Your relationship with your spouse will probably be the most intimate one you have. It’s hard work but it’s so worth it to pour into another person the way you do with your spouse. And hopefully, you can be secure knowing that your spouse will never leave you and will choose to love you even when it’s hard, and even when you’re still growing up as a young spouse.

Thanks to my wonderful husband for showing me that getting married young is truly a freeing thing, no matter what the rest of the world thinks.

I would love to hear your thoughts on marriage – I’m always looking out for other couples’ wise words! Hope you guys enjoyed my first rogue post!

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MC 9.1: Acts of Service

Friends! I can’t believe I’m already in month 9 of my challenges! I’ve done so many different activities this year, and they have all been fun. OK, maybe not my exercise month, but I’m still glad I did it.

In case you missed my announcement last week, this month I’m focusing on the five love languages! What are the five love languages, you ask? I’ll enlighten you!


The Five Love Languages is a book written by Gary Chapman, who basically breaks the different ways we give and receive love into five categories:

  • Words of Affirmation: Uses words to affirm other people
  • Acts of Service: Actions speak louder than words for these people
  • Receiving Gifts: For some people, what makes them feel most loved is receiving a gift
  • Quality Time: Giving the other person your undivided attention
  • Physical Touch: To this person, nothing speaks more deeply than appropriate touch

Since he wrote the book in 1995, over 11 million copies have been sold! He has also written additional versions, including a men’s edition, love languages of children and teenagers, a military edition, and a single’s edition. It’s a great concept that is helpful for everyone, whether in a relationship or not!

If you’re curious what your love language is, you can take a quiz on his website that will tell you! I’ve taken it at least 4 times, and my answers have changed depending on what stage of life I’m in. I just took it a few days ago and got acts of service and quality time as my top two, with words of affirmation, physical touch, and receiving gifts following. Usually my top two are quality time and words of affirmation, but now that I’m married I really appreciate when Matt helps me do things around the house or does a project for me!

Anyways, each week I will be focusing on demonstrating one of those love languages to those around me, and I will be doing words of affirmation every week. I hope you are inspired to shower some love on those around you as well!

This week, I focused on acts of service. Here are a few things I did that I hope you can put into practice as well!

  • Help a coworker set up an event
  • Cook dinner for a friend
  • Clean dishes on a girls retreat
  • Watch the Superbowl (yes I believe that is an act of service!)
  • Get more groceries at the request of Hubby even though I was already at the register

I hope you can use a few of these ideas to love your significant other, family, friends, or coworkers this month! See you next week!

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2/17 Friday Favorites

Hey everyone! Look at me being on time with my blog post 🙂 I have lots of fun things for you to check out this month!


Party Bananagrams

I’m sure many of you have played bananagrams (you know, that fast-paced build your own crossword game in the banana peel bag), but have you heard of party bananagrams? It’s 10 times better than normal banagrams, which is huge coming from me. Just listen to the description from the website:

“The Re-Gifter, The Thief, Switcheroo, Pouch Head…these are just some of the names of the 14 chaos-inducing Party Power tiles in BANANAGRAMS Party edition. Each tile holds its own special action, allowing the receiving player to bestow chaos on the victim of his/her choice! Whether it’s taking a lap around the game table or demolishing another player’s grid, no one is safe! Party Power tiles add chaos to the sneakiest, cheekiest BANANAGRAMS ever!”

My family got this for christmas, and it did indeed induce chaos! On top of arguing with my dad about his made-up words, I also got to scramble his tiles 3/4 of the way through the game or make my sister wear the banana peel on her head the whole time. It’s a blast to play!


Ulta Complete Eyeshadow Compact

This compact was one of my black Friday buys since I was running out of gold eyeshadow, and I have LOVED it! The colors blend beautifully and the shadow goes on so smooth. I can use the lighter three colors for a more neutral look, or do all five for a more golden smoky look. It $12 it’s a great buy – it’s the perfect treat yourself gift!


Celebrity Pink Skinny Jeans

You guys. The saddest thing happened to me in November. My favorite jeans ripped right in the middle. I seriously shed a few tears, I loved them that much. They were the perfect wash and short enough so I didn’t have to roll them up. I was so so sad because I hate buying new jeans – they almost never fit right because I’m short. I pretty much buy my jeans exclusively at Macy’s – specifically the American Rag brand because I can always order them in short length. However when I looked this time, they had basically no jeans! I was so disappointed.

However I decided to give Macy’s a second chance and ended up taking a risk and trying some Celebrity Pink jeans – specifically the Dawson Infinite Stretch Super-Skinny jeans in vintage dark. I had to order them from the store because they didn’t have the short length, and the underside was a lot lighter so I didn’t want to roll them. I almost never order any clothes online because 99.9% of the time they don’t fit. So I was pretty skeptical that I would actually keep them. But miracle of miracles, they fit perfectly! AND they were super similar to my favorite jeans! They are SO comfortable and a great length. If you’re in the market for a new pair of skinnies, definitely check these out!


Sweet Potato Sausage Soup Recipe

I tried out this recipe when I had a friend over for dinner this week and it was so yummy! It had lots of fresh ingredients I could prepare ahead of time and was very easy to make. I put more than double the pasta in for Matt, so it turned out more like a stew. It was one of those meals that I felt looks really impressive but is a snap to put together. I’ll definitely be using it again!


This Is Us

I know I’m a little behind on TV trends (as usual) but I’m in love with this show. We’re still on the first season, but we’ve only been watching like a month. I love how I feel like I’m watching real people in real life, not just actors. The emotions are so raw, and I love Rebecca and Jack’s parenting. I have cried pretty much every episode because it always touches me! Matt told me the last episode that he doesn’t think I’m emotionally stable enough to watch it anymore haha! If you haven’t watched it yet, you really should. The second half of the first season starts February 7, so there’s still time to catch up (I hope)!

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MC 8.4: Double Seed Scarf

Hi friends! Sorry I’m a little late in posting! I had a busy weekend visiting my cousin in Santa Barbara so I didn’t have much time to knit!

Although scarves are kind of the stereotypical knitting project, I found a new pattern that I thought would mix it up a bit called the double seed stitch. The pattern was pretty easy, but I had a hard time gauging how wide to make the scarf with the amount of time I had to finish (I started on the drive up to Santa Barbara on Friday).

I decided on 34 stitches, which ended up being quite a bit! I have been knitting like crazy the past few days trying to finish. I realized that there was no way I was going to make a normal length scarf in just a weekend, but thank goodness infinity scarves are in style! Thankfully this was a pretty forgiving pattern, so if I messed up on a row it was easy to take out and start the row over. That happened less than 10 times, so that’s an improvement, right? Here’s how it turned out!


I think knitting was the perfect challenge to start off the new year, it was a great relaxing hobby even if it wasn’t the most exciting. Did I feel like an old lady watching When Calls the Heart and knitting in bed? Yes. But it was great.

For my next challenge, I give you…


What are the five love languages you ask? Check back next Tuesday and you’ll find out! See you then!

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MC 8.3: Ribbed Mug Cozy

Hey friends! It has been CRAZY weather this last week in SoCal! So much that there have been flood warnings nearly every day. I’m used to driving in the rain, but roads in California turn into huge ponds and it is terrifying to drive in them. Thankfully I don’t have to drive very far to get to work and church!

Anyways, with all the rain it really made me want to curl up with a cup of coffee or tea and watch movies all day. So to keep my drink warm, I decided to make a ribbed mug cozy!

I found the pattern on, it’s free to anyone who makes an account!

This pattern was a little more advanced, but because I’m such an experienced knitter now, I thought I could handle it just fine. I was wrong again #betyoudidntseethatcoming!

The pattern itself wasn’t too complicated, but it has a lot of stitches (47 in fact) and it was a switch between a knit stitch and purl stitch. So I may have had to start over about 6 times because I couldn’t keep track of what stitch I was on. However after I did a few rows, I realized it didn’t look like the picture at all. Where was the pretty ribbed pattern?

It looked like I knitted on both sides, which was exactly what I had been doing. When I thought I was doing the purl stitch, I was just doing a variation of the normal knit stitch. I couldn’t believe I had to start over AGAIN.

BUT after I refreshed myself on how to actually do it, it worked pretty well! Until I got to the middle with the button hole and I turned to my amazing grandma again to explain it to me  🙂

I knitted a bit more than the pattern called for so the button would be in the middle, but thankfully I had a large cup to fit it! I ended up knitting most of it while finishing Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life (which was such a disappointment) and felt pretty inventive when I stitched the ends together using a safety pin because I didn’t have a small needle.

I really like the cozy, it looks a bit like an oversized sweater! Although it was a challenging pattern, it was totally worth it! Hopefully it will keep my mug even warmer during these rainy days.

Hope you guys have been enjoying this challenge! Be sure to check back next week for my final knitting project!

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MC 8.2: Knot Headband

Hi friends! I’m sorry I skipped last week’s blog post, but I have a good reason!

As you saw in my first post this month, I was spending some quality family time in Oregon. And even though there was a huge ice storm last week, Matt and I were able to escape and had a short 1 year anniversary celebration in San Francisco! Our anniversary was on a Monday, and since I had been spending time enjoying family and being in a friend’s wedding, I hadn’t had the chance to write my blog post. So I had two options: a) try to scramble and write a post on our anniversary or b) postpone a week and hope my amazing readers will understand 🙂

Since my goal this year is to be more present, I chose the latter option, deciding to not stress and instead enjoy celebrating 1 year of marriage with my wonderful husband. #noregrets

BUT in all the driving to and fro, I was able to make this adorable headband! I’m not one for huge headbands, but with all the ice, rain and snow I definitely was wanting one in Oregon and San Francsico. This one from craftsnob was super easy to do and adorable! Basically the only reason I’m glad it’s still raining here in SoCal is so I actually have a legitimate reason to wear it.

Pretty much all I did was knit 20 stitches across until the strip fit around my head, then stitched the ends together, pulled tight, and wrapped the extra string around. So cute!


If you’re looking for a fun yet relaxing new hobby to start this year, knitting is a great one! See you next Tuesday!

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1/17 Friday Favorites

Welcome to the first 2017 edition of Friday Favorites! I think this roundup is a really great one, enjoy!


Kendra Scott Elisa Necklace

I don’t know if you guys remember when I talked about the amazing jewelry subscription Rocks Box, but I was OBSESSED with this Kendra Scott necklace I got in one of the boxes. So obsessed that I asked my mom to get it for me for Christmas, and being the generous gift-giving, Nordstrom-lover that she is, my wish was granted! I’m not even kidding, I think I wore this necklace every day for a week after I got it. It goes with everything. It’s so easy to dress up or down, and perfect to layer with other necklaces. It’s a little spendy at $65, but you can tell that it is a really high quality necklace #worthit. Sorry For Love 21, but this jewelry is top notch.


When Calls the Heart Season 3

When Calls the Heart

My mom has been trying to get me to watch this show for a few months, but seeing as I am currently binge-watching Gilmore Girls, I put it off. (Side note, Matt got me an “I drink coffee like a Gilmore” t-shirt for Christmas and it was perfection). But since I had some time over the break, I watched the first episode with her and was hooked. Don’t let the fact that it’s a Hallmark show deter you, it’s a great show! It’s kind of a blend of Christy Miller and Little House on the Prairie. It’s clean, good TV, which is hard to find anymore! And not only is the main character the most adorable girl (I may have a slight girl crush), Lori Loughlin from Full House is in it too! The first two series are on Netflix, so get watching!



ARTISTRY light up lip gloss

My bestie Mary got this lip gloss for me for Christmas and it’s the coolest lip gloss I’ve ever had. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s GENIUS. When you unscrew the lid, a light comes on so you can see in the dark when you apply! AND it even has a mirror on the side. It’s brilliant and everyone needs one.


Katie and Kelly Ballet Flats

I have had these adorable flats for a few months now and I can confirm that they are amazing shoes! Katie and Kelly shoes never fail, they are always SO comfortable. I really needed some new flats, but was unsure whether I should get the red ones or go with something more practical, like gray. I got home with the red ones still unsure if I should keep them, but Matt encouraged me to spice it up and keep them. I’m so glad I did! They add a fun pop of color to my usual navy and black work clothes. And did I mention they are super comfy? And affordable at $40?


Iphone camera lenses

Matt got me these portable iphone camera lenses as a rogue (AKA it wasn’t on my list) Christmas gift and I was probably the most excited about them! They come in a little case with 5 lenses to attach to your iphone. I have loved testing them out and I’m sure they will help me have even better pictures on my blog. The kit is only $20 and so fun to play with!!!



Escape The Room game

OK, I saved the best for last. You might remember that when I visited my sister last August in Phoenix, we went to a fun escape room. She found this game that was similar to our experience and I knew that I had to get it for her for Christmas. I’m so glad I did! There are four different scenarios: Virus, Prison Break, Temple of the Aztec and Nuclear Countdown. And you can get 2 expansion games when you finish those! Each scenario has a different level of difficulty. At first we wanted to go right to the top and do number 4, but the instructions advised us to start with the level 1. So Prison Break it was.

I thought since it was number 1 it would be easy, but I was wrong! Each room comes with 3 different packs, which include maps, clues and other accessories, as well as hint cards. The timer has 4 different decoders on it, one for every room. There are also 16 keys, and you must use 4 specific keys to pass each of the three levels of the room. The game was a blast to play, so much so that we ended up doing the Virus room as well! I’m hoping Meleah will save at least one of the other rooms to play with Matt and I sometime, but if not we will just have to get one of the expansion packs!

Hope you guys enjoyed my Friday Favorites! Check back on Tuesday for an update on my knitting challenge!

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MC 8.1: Simple Washcloth

Hi friends! I apologize for the late post today! Yesterday we did a little road trip to central Oregon and I also came down with a pretty nasty cold. So I totally blanked on writing a post last night! But at least you have some good nighttime reading, right?

I wanted to do knitting because I knew it would be perfect for all the road trips I’ll be doing this month, and I’ve also done knitting before, so I thought it would be pretty easy. BUT I was wrong. I can knit just fine, but I was REALLY struggling understanding how to read patterns. So I found this helpful article called How to Read a Knitting Pattern that explained a lot!

I also called my grandma, who is a great knitter, and she not only loaned me her size 8 knitting needles, but explained to me what a gauge is and was really helpful in helping start me off! Thanks, Grandma!

Thankfully, Michael’s was having a great sale on yarn last week, so I picked up a few medium-weight skeins from Lion Brand. I also discovered that they have an amazing website with free patterns and tutorials.

While I wanted to dive right in, I quickly learned it would be best to start off with the basics. I found this simple washcloth pattern from this Knitting for Beginner’s Guide. I just had to learn the knit and purl stitches, and how to add and drop stitches.

Here’s after I’ve done a few rows.


Ignore my chipped nail polish 🙂 I’m used to knitting straight rows, but I went from 4 to 49 stitches!

Here’s the finished product! I did it in one day – it was a great project to do while watching TV. If I can do it, you can too!

Hope you enjoyed my first attempt at knitting and found some helpful resources! Check back next week for a another fun knitted project!

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