Monthly Challenge 2.3: DIY Honey Lemon Scrub and Mask

Hey friends! Today I have not one but TWO DIY challenges to share with you! They both have honey and lemon in them and were really fun to try.

First was a homemade face mask. I looked around online for a few suggestions and read up a bit on which food item does what on your face. According to some dermatologists interviewed by Buzzfeed, egg whites tighten your face, honey soothes and softens it, and lemon juice is antibacterial. I surprisingly had all those in my kitchen even though I haven’t gone grocery shopping for two weeks…oops.

First I mixed an egg white and 1/2 tablespoon each of lemon juice and honey. However my honey was a little bit gritty so I thought to myself, “I know how to fix that – in the microwave for a few seconds!” But while the honey grains disintegrated, the egg whites cooked and I got a nice fluffy egg topping for my face mask. No thank you I do not want my face smelling like cooked egg. Good thing I had one last egg for a do-over.

First mixture: cooked egg                Second mixture: much better

Good thing I had a handy makeup brush to put it on my face! The consistency of it was pretty watery, so it was a little hard to make it not drip off everywhere. Once it dried, I decided to add another coat. Unfortunately it wasn’t the satisfying peel-off kind of mask, but it did make my skin feel better! DIY masks are always fun to do, no matter how crazy they are.

My second challenge was a Honey Lemon Sugar Scrub, which was also a lot of fun! I just used honey, lemon juice, white sugar, and olive oil for it. I started off with about a cup of sugar, 1/4 cup of olive oil, 1 teaspoon of honey (pre-warmed) and 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. But it didn’t produce very much, so I just added things in until I was satisfied with the amount and consistency.



Once I had enough, I put it into a little sauce jar I happened to have handy and made it all cute-looking. So far I’ve used it on my hands and legs and it feels great! It smells good, it’s exfoliating, and it leaves your skin very silky. This would be a great gift to make for someone as well!

Monthly Challenge 2.3

I have to say, DIY month is probably going to be one of my favorites. And heads up, I have something great planned for the finale next week – you won’t want to miss it! If you follow me on instagram @shortandsweet_blog or twitter @shortandsweet you may get a little sneak preview 🙂 That’s all for now, see you next week!

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