Monthly Challenge 4.2: LA Dog Cafe & Getty Museum

Hey friends! This past weekend, I got to explore downtown LA! Both Matt and I had a pretty nasty cold this week, so by the time Saturday came around I NEEDED to get out of the house. Matt was a trooper and came with me to two things I have been wanting to do in LA for a long time: the Dog Cafe and the Getty Museum.

The Dog Cafe

As some of you know, I desperately want to have a dog. Sadly our apartment is too small to have one (as Matt frequently reminds me when I suggest it), so I was very excited to learn I could spend some time playing with some at LA’s first Dog Cafe! After ordering delicious rose lemonade in the cafe, we went next door and spent an hour playing with about 15 dogs. All of the dogs at the cafe are up for adoption, so you can imagine how hard it was for me not to take one home. There was quite an assortment of dogs, with many different breeds, ages, sizes, and personalities. There were three small ones that were especially playful and spent almost the whole time all fighting over one toy, which was pretty hilarious. There were Mac and Cheese, two lab/pit bull brothers that were incredibly sweet. There was April, the extremely shy but lovable boxer. It was such a fun experience and I was so happy to finally get to play with some dogs!



The Getty

After the dog cafe, we drove over to the Getty Museum! The Getty sits on top of a hill, so it has a great view of LA below. Once we got there, we explored a few of the different buildings, each with different themes. My favorite exhibit was one featuring Bibles and pages of scripture with beautiful elaborate drawings and lettering with gold foil. They were amazing! Although the art was great, the best part for me was the garden. I LOVE flowers and was very excited to see that they had dahlias everywhere! We hit the garden right before sunset, so it was a perfect time to go.


I had a great time crossing some things off my LA bucket list! Special shoutout to my wonderful husband who tagged along even though he wasn’t feeling that great. I have a keeper for sure! I hope you are inspired to go adventure and visit somewhere that you have been wanting to for a while! I’m very excited for my next adventure which includes one of my favorite things in life. So stay tuned for next week’s update!

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