MC 5.4: It Was All Yellow

Hi friends!! I hope you had a great weekend. It rained here in California, and although I usually don’t like rain or cold weather, it was kind of a nice change. It was also a little stormy and (surprise) we have some colored leaves on the ground, so it actually kind of feels like fall! Time to get those pumpkin spice lattes! Side note, if you don’t like a full-on PSL, try a pump or two of pumpkin in a chai latte – it’s 10x better.

Anyways, I had another extremely busy week (2 people stayed at our house, we had a wedding and I was at a retreat during the weekend), so sadly I didn’t get to practice too much. But I promised a video so here it is! The winner of the poll last week was Yellow by Coldplay!

*Don’t judge my singing voice, I got sick this weekend right in time for my finale video 😦

*My page doesn’t support videos, so click on the picture below to watch on Youtube! Then be sure to come back so you can see what I’m doing next month!


Thanks to all who supported me during this challenge! It was really fun to pick guitar back up. I definitely have a greater appreciation of those who actually practice their instruments hours every week. It takes a lot of dedication. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with it a bit, although it would be nice to feel the fingers on my left hand again πŸ™‚

On another note, I’m so excited for this next month’s challenge! I have been looking forward to it and waiting for the perfect time since I started the blog, and I’m finally diving into….


I’m so excited to do hand lettering this month! My goal is to do 30 days of lettering and I’ll post a collection of what I learned and did throughout the week on Tuesday. See you then!

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