MC 7.2: Holly Jolly Cheesecake

Hey friends! I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m up to my ears in Christmas parties! Not complaining though, I love it! This week, I thought it would be fun to make a Christmas dessert that’s a little more advanced – Candy Cake Oreo Cheesecake from Mix and Match Mama!


Here’s all the ingredients!

In the original recipe, it says “2 cups of crushed oreo cookies plus an additional cup.” Not being a baker, I thought that was a really odd way to phrase “3 cups of crushed oreo cookies.” BUT after I had blended the oreo crumbs and butter to make the crust, I realized when I read further down the recipe that the additional cup was for the filling. Oops. As a result, the crust was pretty thick! But I still had some spare oreos to add.

The recipe actually made quite a bit of filling, so I decided to make two. However at this point, I was pretty low on oreos to make another crust, so I had to add a spare bag of Milanos I had for the crust. #sothrifty

I put the cakes in the fridge because I had to run out to meet a friend for dinner, and entrusted hubby to put the cakes in the oven for an hour to bake. When I left the restaurant, I saw a text from him that the cakes sunk a bit and looked a little burned, but when I got home discovered it wasn’t that bad. Nothing a little whipped cream can’t cover.


We tested the cake out with some whipped cream and candy cane on top, and it was actually pretty good! Next time I will definitely make the crust a little thinner and not bake it so long, but overall it turned out well!


Though the Candy Cane Oreo Cheesecake looks fancy, it was actually pretty simple to make, definitely a good thing to bring to your next Christmas party! Hope you enjoyed this week’s post, stay tuned for some advanced baking next week!

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