MC 9.4: Physical Touch and Words of Affirmation

Hey friends! This last week I tried showing love through touch and words of affirmation.

There are so many great ways to show both of these to those you love, and here are just a few examples I put into practice this week:

  • Giving hugs
  • High fives (I know it sounds corny but they can be really encouraging, especially when your high school student gets excited about something)
  • Massage trains with your girl friends
  • Holding hands with your significant other
  • Writing a kind note on the mirror to your roommate or spouse
  • Acknowledging your coworker’s achievements
  • Encouraging friends that are going through a hard time by listening to them and giving advice
  • Celebrating little wins with friends
  • Calling friends or family you don’t see often

I hope you enjoyed practicing the five love languages with me this month! I think it’s so important to practice each of these love languages, and it’s especially meaningful when you can pick out someone’s love language and really focus on showing that to them.

In other news, for my March monthly challenge, I’m doing…. yoga!

Mc march fb.png

I’m so excited to spend some time relaxing and stretching at the same time! See you next week for my first update!

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