MC 11.4: Wild Watercolor

Hey friends! I can’t believe it’s my last week of watercolor already! It sure flew by! This week I tried to be a little more loose and free with my watercolor, which is really hard for me. But I realized that the more I do watercolor, the more I’ll develop my own style and technique!

I did this very freehand peony watercolor from the Frugal Crafter’s tutorial here. I had a hard time getting the shadows on the petals right, but it was fun to try a different technique.


After so many flowers, I decided to branch out and try something else, so I painted this hummingbird from another Frugal Crafter video. She has flowers in hers but mine didn’t turn out very good so you only get to see the hummingbird šŸ™‚


For my last painting, I wanted to do a little succulent garden with some depth to it. I found this tutorial and really liked how she had lots of different layers to the hen and chick.


I hope you guys enjoyed my month of watercolor! I had lots of fun doing it and I hope to continue this summer. And now, for my final monthly challenge…

Mc may fb

I’m so excited to celebrate my last month with dance, one of my favorite hobbies! See you next week!

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