FFF: Slapfish

It’s Frugal Foodie Friends Friday! Be sure to check out Esther’s review too! If you missed it, here’s the post with our bucket list. And here is our list on Yelp if you want to check it out!

Instagram: @slapfish

Arrived: 5:00 pm
Overall rating: 5
Ambiance: 5
Timeliness: 5
Service: 5
Quality of food: 5
Cost of meal: $11 each
Time spent: 1 hour

Esther and I went to Slapfish after an all-day work conference, which was a great end to a long day. Located in a new outdoor shopping mall, I had driven by Slapfish several times not realizing it was there. We arrived at 5 and there were few people inside. The interior had a very hip, beachy vibe. It does, in fact, look like a modern seafood shack as it claims. We didn’t browse their menu too much as we had asked a coworker what we should order. I appreciated that they have a short menu though! Their fish options of the day are also listed on a board so you can choose what you’d like. We quickly ordered at the front, then decided to grab a table outside as it was a bit chilly inside.



The food was served about 10 minutes after we ordered and was piping hot! Their servers were extremely friendly and offered to bring us anything we needed.


Chowder Fries – $7
Oh my word. These fries were AMAZING. They are natural cut fries smothered in clam chowder and bacon and they were delicious! I wasn’t sure if the fries would be soggy from the chowder, but they were pretty thick so they weren’t soggy at all. It was a perfect blend of textures and flavors – the creaminess of the chowder balanced the crunchiness of the fries. And the bacon was the perfect touch.



Lobster Grinder – $14
Our coworker recommended this dish to us, which is chilled lobster, crab, and shrimp packed into a warm split top butter roll. I have not had very much experience with lobster, but was interested to see how this would taste. They don’t skimp on the lobster/crab/shrimp mix – it pretty much fills the roll! The mixture had a little bit of celery crunch and it had a bit of kick to it, which made it really unique. And the chives on top were a great touch. The roll was warm and buttery, which made it the perfect combination. I really enjoyed the lobster grinder! Since it came with fries, we decided to get the grilled veggies instead, and I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious they were. They weren’t mushy as some vegetables can be and had a nice light sauce on them.



Overall, I had a great time at Slapfish and was impressed by the freshness of the food. I enjoyed our meal at Slapfish so much, in fact, that I took Matt back only a few days later so he could try all the deliciousness that I did! The service was still great and the food was still wonderful.

Matt ordered the Clobster Grilled Cheese for $15, which is half crab and half lobster in a grilled cheese with Jersey sauce. He didn’t care for the sauce too much, but I enjoyed my bite of the sandwich, although it was pretty rich. I got a street taco with the fish of the day for $4. Although the fish itself wasn’t seasoned too much, the slaw and sauce they put on top gave the taco a unique flavor. I was expecting the taco to be small since it was more of an appetizer, but it was large and filling. The chowder fries were amazing the second time, I’m happy to report.


Hope you guys enjoyed my review of Slapfish! Don’t forget to check out Esther’s post, and stay tuned for a fun bonus post coming soon! See you later!

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