Christmas Gift Tags

Hey friends! I hope you enjoyed my holiday gift guide last week!

As part of my goal to do one creative project a month, I decided to pull my watercolors back out and make some fun gift tags! I found this amazing video in which a delightful Polish woman named Marta demonstrates how to watercolor several easy Christmas gift tags. You can’t help but love her  – she is so passionate about helping new watercolorists become more confident in their painting. Unlike me, she’s not stressed when something doesn’t turn out exactly the way she planned, she just rolls with it! Of the tags below, the silent night, merry Christmas, and winter wonderland tags are inspired by her video.

My mistletoe card was inspired by this video, which is a great tutorial for painting leaves!

The other cards I did on my own, using different watercolor techniques.



I had a lot of fun making these creative gift tags for people! I love making gifts for friends and family because I think it shows an extra level of care and love. Whether you decide to watercolor gift tags or not, I encourage you to look for ways to add a personal touch to your gifts this Christmas!

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