DC in the “Spring”

I say it in quotes because the weather was a consistent 47 degrees with a 10 mph wind. But no matter, our second anniversary trip to the nation’s capital was a ton of fun!

Matt and I have been wanting to visit DC since we moved to the east coast, and were advised to wait until the spring when the cherry blossoms were supposed to come out. Due to the crazy weather (it snowed all day as we drove up), the blossoms did not make an appearance. But we still had a great time celebrating our anniversary in between our classes! Hope you enjoy a recap of our trip!

Day 1

  • Took pictures like typical tourists in front of the capitol building
  • Saw the only da Vinci on public display in the Americas at the National Art Gallery
  • Visited the National Air and Space Museum
  • Saw so many fun animals at the Museum of Natural History – I loved this one!
  • Hit the last 45 minutes of the Museum of the Bible and knew we had to come back for more
  • Had a delicious dinner at Blue Bottle then went to bed early!

Day 2

  • Delicious breakfast at Founding Farmers
  • Saw all the monuments – the Lincoln memorial was my favorite
  • Visited the Holocaust museum, unfortunately we couldn’t get tickets to the walkthrough but we did the kids one and it was still cool!
  • Went to the American History Museum and sat down on nearly every bench we saw because we were SO TIRED
  • Early dinner at MXDC. I think we ate at 4:30 because we suddenly transformed into elderly people who went to bed at 8 on this trip

Day 3

  • Spent a fun morning at the zoo
  • Walked around Georgetown in the afternoon, it was so cute! We had delicious cupcakes at Baked and Wired and a fancy anniversary dinner at Flavio

Day 4

  • Went to the Botanical Gardens since there were no cherry blossoms and saw so many beautiful orchids!
  • Spent several hours at the Museum of the Bible, which was one of my favorite parts of the whole trip! It was so well done and I highly reccommend
  • Visited Union Market – which reminded me of the Anaheim packing house from home


Although our feet were exhausted after this trip, we had so much fun together! We enjoyed great food, uninterrupted time together, and exploring a new city. I’m glad we got to visit DC and hope we can explore some more of the east coast soon!

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7 thoughts on “DC in the “Spring”

  1. Janis Williamson says:

    What a great outing!! My friend, Shirley Dobson, went to the grand opening of the Bible Museum and said you could spend a whole week there on the six floors. I would love to go back to D.C. sometime. SO much to see! Glad you got to go!!


  2. Wendy says:

    DC is a great city to visit…..so glad you got to go! Everything is so spread out, the walking is unavoidable. But think of all the calories burnt after all the good food. And to think your 3 aunties were just there. Sounds like a wonderful getaway. 🙂


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