Love Letters

It’s T minus two weeks until classes start back up, and I really wanted to complete my goal of organizing all of Matt’s and my love letters since we’ve been together! It took me about a week, but I finally finished it!

To give you a little context, we started dating our senior year of high school. Each month on our anniversary day, we wrote letters to each other, and in between, too. This tradition continued when we got married, so we have letters from the last 7.5 years! Both of us are pretty sentimental, which means a) we love writing notes to each other and b) we keep EVERYTHING. I really wanted a way to store our letters so that they didn’t get lost, so I brainstormed a few ways I could organize them. I thought about just storing them in a filing box but that was too boring, so I ended up getting a huge photo album to store them in.

Since we recently moved, I had a hard time finding all of our letters – they were everywhere! I probably only found about 70% of them, which ended up being a whopping 160 letters. First, I decided to organize them by year. Bet you can guess which year we were engaged!


When they were all stacked up, they were 3 inches high! And then I found more letters to add to the pile!

After that, I cut some cute scrap paper up to designate each year. Then I refolded each letter and put them in a photo slot. I had to laugh at myself as I tried to figure out how to redo the origami folds I used to do in high school. I really love how it turned out, even though the book is HUGE. We have a few pages left, but I’m sure we’ll have to start another one in the near future!




Last but not least, I had to find a picture to put on the front cover. This was a little tricky, as our one foot height difference means our faces usually aren’t close together in pictures šŸ™‚ But thankfully I found one that was perfect from when we revisited the arboretum where Matt proposed!



I hope you enjoyed reading about my book of love letters! I certainly had fun putting it together, and it’s nice to finally check it off my list šŸ™‚ See you soon!

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