Cross(stitch) your heart

When I went home recently, I found an old cross stitch kit from when I was a kid that I never finished, and it inspired me to do a cross stitch project! I love that cross stitch and embroidery have made a comeback recently so it was perfect timing. I had a lot of embroidery floss leftover from other projects, so all I had to do was find a hoop and a pattern. I found a hoop for less than a dollar at Walmart so that was pretty easy, but I searched for over an hour for a pattern! The hardest part was figuring out the sizing for the pattern, because most of them were bigger than the 4″ fabric I had for the hoop. Eventually, I decided to make my own pattern!

First, I found patterns for some smaller letters and stitched Short and Sweet in the middle. Then I used Stitch Fiddle to create the rest of my design by calculating stitches per inch. This wreath design looked perfect for the size of my fabric, so I basically just copied it onto Stitch Fiddle to make sure it fit around my letters. The project took me about 2 hours to stitch since I used 6 colors. I really like how it turned out and it was a fun relaxing project for me to wrap up the summer with!

IMG_7502 (1).JPG

Hope you enjoyed a little craft update! See you later!

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