Nov. ’19 Friday Favorites: Christmas Edition

Happy Black Friday everyone! Today I have some great Christmas gift ideas for you, I hope you enjoy!

1. May Dove Ink Cards

I met Seth when our spouses both started medical school and was happy when he also started working in my department so we could share in all the highs and lows of med school together. He started making these awesome stamped prints to decorate his cube, and opened up his own Etsy shop to sell them! Half of the proceeds are donated to Samaritan’s Purse’s Post-Residency Program to train and equip future doctors. He has some awesome Christmas cards and prints that are perfect for the holidays.

2. Snookie Snookerwitz drinks

Is there anything better than a good chai or flavored latte? Especially one you can make from home? Correct, the answer is no. Snookie Snookerwitz has a variety of gourmet tea, cocoa, cider, and coffee mixes that are perfect for the colder winter months. I just bought three because they make great gifts! I kept the Raspberry Creme Cocoa for myself and it is delicious. The mixes are $11.95 and make about 7-8 drinks.

3. Umber Studio Earrings

Working in marketing, I’ve gotten to meet some super creative and talented people, one of them being my friend Meredith. She recently started selling her amazing and trendy clay earrings on her Instagram, Umber Studio, and I think they make the perfect Christmas gifts! The earrings come in beautiful colors with clean lines and they are REALLY light, even the big ones. They range in price but are around $15, and she takes custom orders.

4. Litograph book gifts

I have a friend who loves Jane Eyre, and I wanted to get her a gift that was related in some way. I found Litograph when looking around online, and they had so many fun options! You can pick a classic book like Great Gatsby or Pride and Prejudice, and choose a product to put it on, like totes, pillows, shirts, etc. I ordered a Jane Eyre scarf and loved how it came out. I could customize the color and type of font. I can testify that the scarf is super soft, and would be a great gift for a book-lover!

5. Ruffled Feather Candles

I came across Ruffled Feather candles during a local holiday market a few years ago, and I was so impressed with their candles! They have over 100 scents and there are so many really unique ones. I bought a wax melt called Beach House because it smelled like the coast, and I also bought another one as a gift. Every time they are at a market I smell a minimum of about 20 candles. They have interesting scents like Pomegranate Cider, Blackberry Butter Cookie, and Pineapple Sage. Their candles are $10-$12 and their melts are $5. If you know someone that likes candles (which let’s be honest, who doesn’t?), these are a perfect gift!

I hope you enjoyed my Christmas roundup, and happy Black Friday shopping!

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