Joy Plan

Hey friends, I hope you’re hanging in there! I know it’s a challenging time for everyone, but especially for extroverts that are energized by being around people (like me!). After about 3 days of working at home I realized that if I wasn’t intentional, I could quickly sink into a pit of purposelessness and sadness that my days are emptier than they used to be, at least socially.

I was talking about this with my husband, who told me about something he heard on the radio called a “joy plan.” I didn’t get too many details, but it inspired me to do something to build joy into my schedule, so I made my own joy plan. It’s a work in progress, but I wanted to share it with you for those that need some more joy in their day during these crazy times.

Joy Plan

When: Once in the morning and once in the evening

What: Spend 10-15 minutes intentionally building joy into your day. I chose to split this out into three categories that you can use as a template, feel free to adjust to what works for you!

Faith – I usually do two of the things below each time

  • Read a devotional – I use a plan from the Bible app
  • Listen to 2 worship songs – here’s my playlist if you need some inspiration
  • Read the Bible
  • Pray – I use a journal for this to help me focus 🙂

Gratitude & Goals

  • Morning: write down one thing I’m grateful for and ONE thing I want to accomplish today
  • Evening: write down another thing I’m grateful for as well as if I did my goal for the day


  • Read a chapter of a book
  • Check in with a friend
  • Watch a funny video on youtube
  • 5 minutes of a craft
  • Encourage my husband

I hope this encourages you if you’re struggling to hold on to joy amidst feelings of fear and anxiety. I would love to hear what you do if you decide to do a joy plan!

For those of you that are extroverts, I’ve been playing around with the idea of a blog post along the lines of an extrovert’s guide to surviving the coronavirus…thoughts? Let me know if that’s something you want to see on the blog!

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