Joy Plan

Hey friends, I hope you’re hanging in there! I know it’s a challenging time for everyone, but especially for extroverts that are energized by being around people (like me!). After about 3 days of working at home I realized that if I wasn’t intentional, I could quickly sink into a pit of purposelessness and sadness that my days are emptier than they used to be, at least socially.

I was talking about this with my husband, who told me about something he heard on the radio called a “joy plan.” I didn’t get too many details, but it inspired me to do something to build joy into my schedule, so I made my own joy plan. It’s a work in progress, but I wanted to share it with you for those that need some more joy in their day during these crazy times.

Joy Plan

When: Once in the morning and once in the evening

What: Spend 10-15 minutes intentionally building joy into your day. I chose to split this out into three categories that you can use as a template, feel free to adjust to what works for you!

Faith – I usually do two of the things below each time

  • Read a devotional – I use a plan from the Bible app
  • Listen to 2 worship songs – here’s my playlist if you need some inspiration
  • Read the Bible
  • Pray – I use a journal for this to help me focus 🙂

Gratitude & Goals

  • Morning: write down one thing I’m grateful for and ONE thing I want to accomplish today
  • Evening: write down another thing I’m grateful for as well as if I did my goal for the day


  • Read a chapter of a book
  • Check in with a friend
  • Watch a funny video on youtube
  • 5 minutes of a craft
  • Encourage my husband

I hope this encourages you if you’re struggling to hold on to joy amidst feelings of fear and anxiety. I would love to hear what you do if you decide to do a joy plan!

For those of you that are extroverts, I’ve been playing around with the idea of a blog post along the lines of an extrovert’s guide to surviving the coronavirus…thoughts? Let me know if that’s something you want to see on the blog!

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4 thoughts on “Joy Plan

  1. Erin says:

    Hey! Do you have any books/podcasts/ idk resources you suggest for someone who is trying to develop a strong faith despite having a relatively weak foundation (ie: went to church sometimes growing up/ celebrated the Christian holidays but never felt that I developed a faith of my own). God is working in my life, but I am stuck on where to begin so that I can really appreciate what it means to live a christ centered life


    • Jessica Short says:

      Hi Erin, my apologies for the late response! I would be happy to connect with you about this 🙂 Here are a few resources that have helped me, but I’d love to chat with you about it even more.
      – The number one thing you can do to grow in and strengthen your faith is scripture and prayer. My rhythm for this is about 30 minutes before bed every night. I read a chapter or two in my (in)courage devotional Bible, work on a memory verse, and write in my prayer journal. Doing this consistently even when I don’t feel like it has helped me know the Lord more and grow in my faith.
      – The second most important thing is to get involved in a faith community. This goes beyond church although that’s extremely important, it’s joining a community group and finding Christian friends that can help you grow. Something that has been so helpful with my spiritual growth is having mentors – older women that have poured into me and show me how to live a Godly life.
      – As far as resources, I love the daily devotions from and The Bible app also has some great reading plans and devotionals. Lysa Teurkherst and Shana Niequist are amazing. If you want devotionals, My Utmost for His Highest and Jesus Calling are great. I’d also recommend Mere Christianity by CS Lewis. For podcasts, I’ve enjoyed That Sounds Fun with Annie F Downs and the Bridgetown Church podcast.
      I will be praying that you grow in your faith and experience a closeness with God that you never have before!


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