June ’20 Friday Favorites

Hey friends! I hope you’re enjoying the summer so far. Between my husband studying for board exams and trying to tackle some of my larger life goals, it’s been a busy one so far. Thankfully, I got to celebrate my birthday last month where I got some great new favorites – hope you enjoy!

1. Woven Together Earrings

I’ve had my eye on Woven Together earrings for a while because they are absolutely amazing! The earrings are handmade from clay and other materials, and the florals and other patterns are so intricate and beautiful. My parents got me a gift card for my birthday and I picked the Garden Rory earrings. They go with everything! I love the story behind the shop too!

2. The Party Game of Curses

This is my newest game purchase and it’s perfect to play with a big group of friends (when you can)! The game play is simple: each person draws a challenge card, such as “You’re a werewolf, act out changing under a full moon.” Once you successfully complete the challenge, you draw a curse card and give it to someone else, such as “Talk like a pirate.” This person has to do the curse the rest of the game, but if they don’t and get caught, they get one strike. And of course, three strikes you’re out! The game gets hilarious when people have several curse cards AND have to do the challenges. I can almost guarantee your sides will hurt from laughing so hard!

3. Write the Word Journal: Cultivate Hope

My friend got me this for my birthday and I have LOVED it so much! This simple yet beautiful journal helps you focus on scriptures by writing them out. Each layout has five components. At the top it says, “Today is” – you can fill it out with the date or anything else you want. Then you write what you’re grateful for. The rest of the page is space to write out the provided scripture. On the next page, you can journal your response to the scripture or anything else on your heart, then the page ends with a word of the day. Although it only takes about 5 minutes to do, I’ve found it helps me focus on what I’m reading and reminds me to have hope regardless of my situation!

4. Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Over the years, we’ve realized our mattress is a little stiffer than we’d like and both of us were waking up with sore backs. We finally decided to get a mattress topper and it’s made a world of difference! I found this memory foam 2″ one on Amazon for about $70, and I wish I had bought it earlier.

5. Erin Condren LifePlanner

I also just got my new LifePlanner which I’m so excited to start using! There’s something about an empty planner that makes me feel full of possibilities. If you missed my Instagram unboxing, I pinned it on my review highlights! This year, EC released two themes, and I did a combination of them – layers on the outside and flowers on the inside. I also got some new accessories – a priorities dashboard, a party planner dashboard, and new pens. Thankfully July is right around the corner so I can start using it!

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