Feb. ’21 Friday Favorites

Hey friends, happy Friday! I hope you’re all having a great week. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite things lately and they are all comfort related! Whether you’re wearing them or using it for comfort food, all of these are great products for this continued time at home. Enjoy!

1. Ugg slippers

My husband got me these slippers for Christmas and I think my feet will never be the same. They are the comfiest thing I have ever put on my feet. They’re lined with fuzzy wool and they conform to your foot like memory foam. If your feet are cold during these winter months, I’d highly recommend getting a pair of these!

2. Cheese board wedge

This cheese board has been on my list for a while, and I finally got one! This board is in the shape of a wedge with 4 layers that rotate out to be expanded to 18″. It’s a large board so I love that it takes up very little space since it can be condensed! And it comes with a drawer with 3 cheese knives in it. Definitely great for hosting parties!

3. Lou & Grey sweatpants

One of my good friends gave me these sweatpants for Christmas, which was wonderful because I’m embarrassed to admit that my other sweats are from cheerleading in high school! These Lou & Grey sweats from Loft are soooooo incredibly comfy. And they haven’t lost their softness after several washes! I got a petite size which is perfect since I’m short and the legs are straight rather than tapered. But the best thing about these sweats is there are 4 pockets on it – thank you Loft for making sweats that are useful as well as comfortable!

4. Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

This has been on my wishlist for YEARS so I was super excited to get this ice cream maker for Christmas! The one I’ve linked comes with two bowls which is absolutely necessary. The Cuisinart ice cream maker is very easy to use and you can make any kind of ice cream you want. For an ice cream aficionado like me this opened up a world of possibilities. It’s so fun to have homemade ice cream, and since many of us are still stuck at home this is an easy and delicious hobby to pick up!

5. Salt & Straw Ice Cream Cookbook

If you do get the Cuisinart ice cream maker or you already have one, you NEED to get the Salt & Straw cookbook. Salt & Straw is my favorite ice cream shop at home in Oregon. They always have interesting flavors with different themed specialities each month. In their cookbook, they not only share their amazing recipes, but they educate about what makes the best, smoothest kinds of ice cream. I really enjoyed learning more about the chemistry and process of making ice cream, and I could immediately tell a difference in their ice cream recipes vs. the generic ones that came with the ice cream machine. I made my favorite flavor – Salted Ganache and Almond Brittle – and although I tried to keep my expectations low since it wasn’t from the store, I was in heaven!

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