First Monthly Challenge

Before I announce what my first monthly challenge will be, I wanted to give you a little heads up into how this is all going to work.

Each month, I am going to choose a new challenge – whether it be a hobby, skill, or activity to learn. Some months I’ll just do it, others I will spend some time researching and learning about whatever it is, but no matter what I will post every week about my progress!

My hope is that it inspires you to try something new and find your own creative outlet in your free time. In fact, if I choose a challenge that connects with you, do it with me! I would love to learn about your experience. Or if you have any suggestions of what I should do next, I would be happy to get your feedback on the contact page.

OK, now for the big reveal – drumroll please!

Monthly challenge fb (1)


Stay tuned for my first challenge update, coming soon!

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6 thoughts on “First Monthly Challenge

  1. everydaychick1 says:

    I LOVE this idea! Especially since my rule for cooking used to be no more than 5 ingredients in any recipe. I also am an enthusiastic hobby starter. They don’t all stick but boy is it fun to try new things. Ok, waiting patiently….

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