June ’16 Friday Favorites

Welcome to my first Friday Favorites post! If you’re new to my site, please check out my About page to learn more about my blog! Every first Friday of the month, I’m going to post a few of my favorite things – whether they are products, music, or just what’s going on in my life. Hope you enjoy!

  • Guess Tabetha Wedges
    I absolutely LOVE wedges. Matt is over a foot taller than me, so I am in heels probably 80% of the time. Lucky for me, I just found some adorable Guess wedges from my favorite shoe store, DSW. They arrived yesterday and are so comfortable! They can easily be dressed up or down, and I’m sure I will get a lot of use out of them. Check ’em out!
  • Coffivity
    In case you haven’t picked up on it yet, I love being around people. I really enjoy working in places where there’s the quiet buzz of conversation around me. Unfortunately, I work in an office that is often dead silent. My coworker introduced me to Coffivity, which is a lifesaver. It is this awesome free app that lets you choose different tracks that mimic a coffee shop or cafeteria so you can feel like you have tons of people around you! AND it gets better. It also allows you to play music from itunes, spotify, or pandora at the same time, so you can get a nice coffee shop vibe!
  • Crock pot taquitos
    I confess, I am a lazy cook. Baking? Yes. But cooking…nope. When I got married a few months ago and people asked what fun kitchen things I got, there was one thing that everyone got so excited about – a crock pot. Typically I would get responses like: “Those are the BEST! They will save your life! It is SO easy to cook with those!” I figured if so many of my friends love them, there must be something good about them. So I gave them a try. This was my third crock pot recipe and it sold me on the beauty of crock pots. Hubby loved them and I had a little bit of #wifeypride. Ok, a lot. Check them out!Crock-Pot-Taquitos
  • Husband Survival Kit
    Ladies, if you are in a relationship, listen up. My friend told me about this site, www.thedatingdivas.com that has so many fantastic date ideas, fun printables, and ways to show some love to your boyfriend or husband! I made this cute Husband Survival Kit for Matt right around finals time a few weeks ago, and it was even greater that it was a “prescription” since he wants to be a doctor. They have so many great ideas; I’m sure I will be visiting their site again soon!Husband-Survival-Kit-with-MMs
  • Affogato
    I first had affogato a little over a year ago when my little sister introduced me to it. And let me tell you, it is the best thing ever. It’s an Italian dessert consisting of one or two scoops of gelato drenched in espresso – and it is pure heaven. I have visited a few places in search of affogato, and lucky me – I found a cute little coffee shop about 7 minutes away that has it. Thank you, Lord. I found a super easy recipe for those of you that want to try it at home! Trust me, you won’t regret it.affogato
    Hope you guys enjoyed my first Friday Favorites post! Keep an eye out for my first monthly challenge update coming next week. Until then, follow, subscribe, and like to your heart’s content!

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