Monthly Challenge 2.1: Drawer Organizer

Monthly challenge 2.1: Drawer Organizer

Hey friends! I hope you had a fun Fourth of July weekend! We had a great time boating and swimming with friends. I totally got whiplash while tubing but it was worth it. AND I tried wake surfing for the first time! Look at me being adventurous.

To start off my DIY challenge month, I thought of what home improvements I could do myself and immediately our messy kitchen utensil drawer came to mind. We all have one of those drawers right? I wanted to actually be able to find things when I need it, so I decided to make drawer organizers with some boxes we have.

First I tried to pull out my drawer to measure, but whoever configured our apartment put the oven right in front of it so you can’t pull it out all the way and this was my face 😑.

Monthly Challenge  2.1: Drawer Organizer
But I did my best with Matt’s measuring tape and eventually figured out the lengths to cut. Next I organized my utensils according to size so I could eyeball how far apart I needed to make the dividing walls.

Monthly Challenge  2.1: Drawer Organizer
The cardboard I used was too thick for scissors, so I had to use a box cutter. But first Matt gave me firm instructions on how to use it and said that he “did not have time to wait in the ER with me and he better not catch me doing it wrong” since he had his final chemistry exam the next day. See how I carefully cut away from myself.

Monthly Challenge  2.1: Drawer Organizer

I probably should have measured and spaced all the dividers out first, but I put them into the drawer one by one. Since the cardboard wasn’t too sturdy, I made cross slits so they could connect with each other. After I made the frame, I covered the dividers in wrapping paper so they would look pretty. And voila, DIY cardboard organizer! I didn’t even follow Pinterest instructions 🙂


Hope you enjoyed my first DIY project! I think this will be one of my favorite challenges so far and a great outlet for my creative side. Stay tuned for next week’s challenge update!

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