MC 8.4: Double Seed Scarf

Hi friends! Sorry I'm a little late in posting! I had a busy weekend visiting my cousin in Santa Barbara so I didn't have much time to knit! Although scarves are kind of the stereotypical knitting project, I found a new pattern that I thought would mix it up a bit called the double seed … Continue reading MC 8.4: Double Seed Scarf

Monthly Challenge 2.1: Drawer Organizer

Monthly challenge 2.1: Drawer Organizer

Hey friends! I hope you had a fun Fourth of July weekend! We had a great time boating and swimming with friends. I totally got whiplash while tubing but it was worth it. AND I tried wake surfing for the first time! Look at me being adventurous. To start off my DIY challenge month, I … Continue reading Monthly challenge 2.1: Drawer Organizer