Monthly Challenge 4.4: Food, fiction, & flowers

Hey friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I think it was record high temperatures in L.A. yesterday for September – it was 106 where I was. Even with the heat, I had a great time exploring downtown LA for my last adventure challenge with my friend Ashley!

Ashley and I have been friends for about 5 years, and she always knows the coolest places to go to because she goes out all the time (vs. me, whose big plan for the weekend was finishing Stranger Things). Most of our conversations go like this:
Ash: Have you heard of/been to this new place in (insert location)? I went there last week and they have really good (insert food).
Me: Nope, I don’t go anywhere because a) I don’t know about any new cool places and b) my husband is a homebody.
Literally 99% of our conversations.

So Ashley was the perfect friend to bring along for my last adventure! It really was an adventure – I had a plan to go to a totally different market but when we discovered it would take about an hour and a half to get there, we decided to be spur of the moment and go to the Grand Central Market instead.

Grand Central, bright and noisy with all kinds of yummy smells, reminded me of the markets I used to go to when I studied abroad in London. It was mostly food places, so I had to walk around them all before deciding. After getting some delicious iced coffee, I settled on Eggslut, because I actually HAD heard of that before (from Ashley of course) and it was on my mental LA bucket list. I ordered their Fairfax sandwich, with chives, eggs, grilled onions, cheese, and spicy sauce. I regretted not getting bacon with it for some extra crunch, but I was not about to spend $2.50 on a strip or two of bacon. Even though I felt so full afterwards, it was a great lunch!


Our next impromptu stop was the Last Bookstore, which was so cool. It definitely has an LA feel to it, bringing lots of different people together to buy, sell, or trade books, spend time in the book labyrinth upstairs or visit the art loft. There were so many different books about basically everything you could think of. I loved that it was a little unorganized and you could wander around for hours if you wanted. It reminded me a little bit of the Hogwarts Library. If you ever get the chance to visit, I would highly recommend it!



Our last stop was the Flower Market, which I was so excited about because I love flowers! Even though we went at the end of the day, there was still a decent amount of flowers. I couldn’t believe how inexpensive they were! Ashley and I both got bouquets for $5 and I saw a dozen roses for $10! Our apartment smells wonderful now thanks to these lovely flowers.



I had a blast getting out of the house this month exploring and going on adventures! It was so much fun trying new things and getting to spend time with friends. This next month I’m going to pick up one of my childhood hobbies, guitar!


I’ll be practicing my guitar skills in preparation for my first challenge update! Stay tuned for my first update next week!

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