MC 5.1: Back to the Basics

Hi friends! I hope you had a great weekend! I had a blast on our church’s high school staff retreat at Lake Havasu. Even though I was sore from tubing, it was so fun to get away for the weekend!

Anyway, this month I am focusing on re-learning guitar! I got my guitar when I was in junior high, and I was so excited. My parents got me a beautiful Fender and paid for me to get lessons for a few years. Since I was a kid, I wanted to be a singer and in high school I started writing my own songs. I even recorded one with one of my guitar teachers, which was a great memory! All that to say, I used to know quite a bit about guitar, but since I went to college, I let my love for playing fall by the wayside as I got involved in other activities. But I always knew I could pick it back up, so I am excited to play again this month! (See my collection of picks from high school below).


This week was pretty busy for me, so I wasn’t able to play guitar until last Thursday. I started off playing a few easy songs, but quickly realized that my chords were messy and I needed to go back to the basics. So I found some free online lessons by Justin Guitar and focused on these 1 minute changes, which were really helpful! He showed how to play D, E, and A and practiced transitions between the three. Sadly, I only played for about 20 minutes before my fingers started to really hurt.

After getting back from the retreat on Sunday, I remembered that I have an old instructional DVD: Getting Started on Acoustic Guitar with Keith Wyatt. It’s classic 2000s. But it really helped me get back to the basics! For the past two days, I have watched a few lessons on different chord variations and focused on doing them well. Hopefully my fingers will stop hurting soon so I can play a bit more and get some more difficult chords under my belt! I’m going to try to play guitar at least 4 or 5 days next week and continue to go from easy chords to more advanced things. Who knows, maybe I’ll post a video at the end! See you next week for an update!

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