MC 6.4: Getting Fancy

Hi friends, Happy Thanksgiving to you! I love thanksgiving. It’s a great reminder for us to take a moment and be grateful for everything we have. It really is a sacred holiday. And I’m especially excited that my sister will be coming from Phoenix to celebrate with me – the first time in 6 years I’ve had thanksgiving with one of my immediate family! It will be a great time.

This week, I practiced some fancy letters…


And some even fancier embellishments!


I also did this quote – this song has really been a source of comfort to me the past few weeks! I still have some work to do on spacing but I like how it turned out.


Finally, I did this lettering on a notebook for my giveaway winner, Tiffany!


Congrats to Tiffany, and thanks to all who participated! Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and see you next week!

new sig


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