MC 6.5: Mixing It Up

Hi friends! I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving! I think I’m still recovering from my food coma.

I spent some time this weekend decorating more journals – the first one turned out so well I decided to do some more for Christmas gifts! They were really fun to make!


I also played around a bit more with my Tombow Dual Brush pens – they are a little harder for me to control but I think I am making a little progress!


I also tried to do some different kinds of lettering styles! Bet you can’t tell what Netflix show I’ve been binge watching lately…


Lastly, for my final project I decided to letter my favorite verse with a few different styles. I think it turned out pretty well!


I had a BLAST doing lettering this month and it’s definitely a hobby I want to continue! I hope you got inspired to do some lettering of your own – it’s definitely a good skill to have, especially during the holidays!

Speaking of the holidays, my next challenge is an especially fitting one for December!


Make sure to subscribe so you can get some good baking inspiration for the holidays! I can’t wait to eat all the goodies I make. Don’t forget to check back for Friday Favorites!

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5 thoughts on “MC 6.5: Mixing It Up

  1. Janis Williamson says:

    I made your Oatmeal Pumpkin cookies. They turned out delicious! I sold a bunch at our Bazaar a couple of weeks ago!! I’ll check out your Christmas cookies!

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