MC 7.4: O Little Loaf of Apple Bread

Hi friends! Sorry I’m posting a little later than usual today! Matt and I took a trip home to Oregon and have been busy seeing our family and friends. BUT I was able to bake my final treat yesterday morning! It was the perfect post-Christmas breakfast: Peanut Butter Apple Banana Bread from Averie Cooks.

I wanted to make this recipe because it had a fun twist on typical banana bread with the apples and peanut butter. And it was delicious! Here are the ingredients:


Shoutout to my mom for getting it all for me 🙂 Although there were a lot of ingredients, it was really easy to make! First I grated the apple and mashed the banana, then mixed all the liquids together…


Then added the everything else! At first it wasn’t super pretty…


But after baking for an hour it turned into a beautiful golden brown!


I had to let it cool a while, but it was SO yummy! The gala apples give it a little zest and the peanut butter chips are a fun bonus. I think this would be a good one to make with kids if you need something for them to do over the break!

And since this is my last baking challenge, here is my next challenge for the new year:


I hope you all have a wonderful New Year’s Eve! See you in 2017!

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