MC 8.1: Simple Washcloth

Hi friends! I apologize for the late post today! Yesterday we did a little road trip to central Oregon and I also came down with a pretty nasty cold. So I totally blanked on writing a post last night! But at least you have some good nighttime reading, right?

I wanted to do knitting because I knew it would be perfect for all the road trips I’ll be doing this month, and I’ve also done knitting before, so I thought it would be pretty easy. BUT I was wrong. I can knit just fine, but I was REALLY struggling understanding how to read patterns. So I found this helpful article called How to Read a Knitting Pattern that explained a lot!

I also called my grandma, who is a great knitter, and she not only loaned me her size 8 knitting needles, but explained to me what a gauge is and was really helpful in helping start me off! Thanks, Grandma!

Thankfully, Michael’s was having a great sale on yarn last week, so I picked up a few medium-weight skeins from Lion Brand. I also discovered that they have an amazing website with free patterns and tutorials.

While I wanted to dive right in, I quickly learned it would be best to start off with the basics. I found this simple washcloth pattern from this Knitting for Beginner’s Guide. I just had to learn the knit and purl stitches, and how to add and drop stitches.

Here’s after I’ve done a few rows.


Ignore my chipped nail polish 🙂 I’m used to knitting straight rows, but I went from 4 to 49 stitches!

Here’s the finished product! I did it in one day – it was a great project to do while watching TV. If I can do it, you can too!

Hope you enjoyed my first attempt at knitting and found some helpful resources! Check back next week for a another fun knitted project!

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