MC 8.2: Knot Headband

Hi friends! I’m sorry I skipped last week’s blog post, but I have a good reason!

As you saw in my first post this month, I was spending some quality family time in Oregon. And even though there was a huge ice storm last week, Matt and I were able to escape and had a short 1 year anniversary celebration in San Francisco! Our anniversary was on a Monday, and since I had been spending time enjoying family and being in a friend’s wedding, I hadn’t had the chance to write my blog post. So I had two options: a) try to scramble and write a post on our anniversary or b) postpone a week and hope my amazing readers will understand 🙂

Since my goal this year is to be more present, I chose the latter option, deciding to not stress and instead enjoy celebrating 1 year of marriage with my wonderful husband. #noregrets

BUT in all the driving to and fro, I was able to make this adorable headband! I’m not one for huge headbands, but with all the ice, rain and snow I definitely was wanting one in Oregon and San Francsico. This one from craftsnob was super easy to do and adorable! Basically the only reason I’m glad it’s still raining here in SoCal is so I actually have a legitimate reason to wear it.

Pretty much all I did was knit 20 stitches across until the strip fit around my head, then stitched the ends together, pulled tight, and wrapped the extra string around. So cute!


If you’re looking for a fun yet relaxing new hobby to start this year, knitting is a great one! See you next Tuesday!

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