MC 8.3: Ribbed Mug Cozy

Hey friends! It has been CRAZY weather this last week in SoCal! So much that there have been flood warnings nearly every day. I’m used to driving in the rain, but roads in California turn into huge ponds and it is terrifying to drive in them. Thankfully I don’t have to drive very far to get to work and church!

Anyways, with all the rain it really made me want to curl up with a cup of coffee or tea and watch movies all day. So to keep my drink warm, I decided to make a ribbed mug cozy!

I found the pattern on, it’s free to anyone who makes an account!

This pattern was a little more advanced, but because I’m such an experienced knitter now, I thought I could handle it just fine. I was wrong again #betyoudidntseethatcoming!

The pattern itself wasn’t too complicated, but it has a lot of stitches (47 in fact) and it was a switch between a knit stitch and purl stitch. So I may have had to start over about 6 times because I couldn’t keep track of what stitch I was on. However after I did a few rows, I realized it didn’t look like the picture at all. Where was the pretty ribbed pattern?

It looked like I knitted on both sides, which was exactly what I had been doing. When I thought I was doing the purl stitch, I was just doing a variation of the normal knit stitch. I couldn’t believe I had to start over AGAIN.

BUT after I refreshed myself on how to actually do it, it worked pretty well! Until I got to the middle with the button hole and I turned to my amazing grandma again to explain it to me  🙂

I knitted a bit more than the pattern called for so the button would be in the middle, but thankfully I had a large cup to fit it! I ended up knitting most of it while finishing Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life (which was such a disappointment) and felt pretty inventive when I stitched the ends together using a safety pin because I didn’t have a small needle.

I really like the cozy, it looks a bit like an oversized sweater! Although it was a challenging pattern, it was totally worth it! Hopefully it will keep my mug even warmer during these rainy days.

Hope you guys have been enjoying this challenge! Be sure to check back next week for my final knitting project!

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