Feb. ’17 Friday Favorites

Hey everyone! Look at me being on time with my blog post 🙂 I have lots of fun things for you to check out this month!


Party Bananagrams

I’m sure many of you have played bananagrams (you know, that fast-paced build your own crossword game in the banana peel bag), but have you heard of party bananagrams? It’s 10 times better than normal banagrams, which is huge coming from me. Just listen to the description from the website:

“The Re-Gifter, The Thief, Switcheroo, Pouch Head…these are just some of the names of the 14 chaos-inducing Party Power tiles in BANANAGRAMS Party edition. Each tile holds its own special action, allowing the receiving player to bestow chaos on the victim of his/her choice! Whether it’s taking a lap around the game table or demolishing another player’s grid, no one is safe! Party Power tiles add chaos to the sneakiest, cheekiest BANANAGRAMS ever!”

My family got this for christmas, and it did indeed induce chaos! On top of arguing with my dad about his made-up words, I also got to scramble his tiles 3/4 of the way through the game or make my sister wear the banana peel on her head the whole time. It’s a blast to play!


Ulta Complete Eyeshadow Compact

This compact was one of my black Friday buys since I was running out of gold eyeshadow, and I have LOVED it! The colors blend beautifully and the shadow goes on so smooth. I can use the lighter three colors for a more neutral look, or do all five for a more golden smoky look. It $12 it’s a great buy – it’s the perfect treat yourself gift!


Celebrity Pink Skinny Jeans

You guys. The saddest thing happened to me in November. My favorite jeans ripped right in the middle. I seriously shed a few tears, I loved them that much. They were the perfect wash and short enough so I didn’t have to roll them up. I was so so sad because I hate buying new jeans – they almost never fit right because I’m short. I pretty much buy my jeans exclusively at Macy’s – specifically the American Rag brand because I can always order them in short length. However when I looked this time, they had basically no jeans! I was so disappointed.

However I decided to give Macy’s a second chance and ended up taking a risk and trying some Celebrity Pink jeans – specifically the Dawson Infinite Stretch Super-Skinny jeans in vintage dark. I had to order them from the store because they didn’t have the short length, and the underside was a lot lighter so I didn’t want to roll them. I almost never order any clothes online because 99.9% of the time they don’t fit. So I was pretty skeptical that I would actually keep them. But miracle of miracles, they fit perfectly! AND they were super similar to my favorite jeans! They are SO comfortable and a great length. If you’re in the market for a new pair of skinnies, definitely check these out!


Sweet Potato Sausage Soup Recipe

I tried out this recipe when I had a friend over for dinner this week and it was so yummy! It had lots of fresh ingredients I could prepare ahead of time and was very easy to make. I put more than double the pasta in for Matt, so it turned out more like a stew. It was one of those meals that I felt looks really impressive but is a snap to put together. I’ll definitely be using it again!


This Is Us

I know I’m a little behind on TV trends (as usual) but I’m in love with this show. We’re still on the first season, but we’ve only been watching like a month. I love how I feel like I’m watching real people in real life, not just actors. The emotions are so raw, and I love Rebecca and Jack’s parenting. I have cried pretty much every episode because it always touches me! Matt told me the last episode that he doesn’t think I’m emotionally stable enough to watch it anymore haha! If you haven’t watched it yet, you really should. The second half of the first season starts February 7, so there’s still time to catch up (I hope)!

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