MC 8.4: Double Seed Scarf

Hi friends! Sorry I’m a little late in posting! I had a busy weekend visiting my cousin in Santa Barbara so I didn’t have much time to knit!

Although scarves are kind of the stereotypical knitting project, I found a new pattern that I thought would mix it up a bit called the double seed stitch. The pattern was pretty easy, but I had a hard time gauging how wide to make the scarf with the amount of time I had to finish (I started on the drive up to Santa Barbara on Friday).

I decided on 34 stitches, which ended up being quite a bit! I have been knitting like crazy the past few days trying to finish. I realized that there was no way I was going to make a normal length scarf in just a weekend, but thank goodness infinity scarves are in style! Thankfully this was a pretty forgiving pattern, so if I messed up on a row it was easy to take out and start the row over. That happened less than 10 times, so that’s an improvement, right? Here’s how it turned out!


I think knitting was the perfect challenge to start off the new year, it was a great relaxing hobby even if it wasn’t the most exciting. Did I feel like an old lady watching When Calls the Heart and knitting in bed? Yes. But it was great.

For my next challenge, I give you…


What are the five love languages you ask? Check back next Tuesday and you’ll find out! See you then!

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