MC 11.2: Swatches and Succulents

Hi friends! My post this week truly is short and sweet, but I hope you enjoy it! I’ve had so much going on the past week that unfortunately I haven’t had much time for watercolor. But hopefully I can do more over Easter weekend!

This week, I tried one of Jess Park’s Strathmore classes – Week 2: Watercolor Basics with Jess Park. In these classes, she goes from basic watercolor techniques to actual paintings. I thought it would be good to play around with my brushes and learn what they can do, so I watched her 30 minute video. It even comes with these wonderful instructions outlining what she does in the video! I really liked doing the variegated wash with 2-3 colors.

For my second painting, I wanted to do this cute little cactus I saw on Jay Lee’s youtube channel last week – Easy Simple Cactus Painting for Beginners. Although at first I was annoyed that I couldn’t control the paint very well, I have come to appreciate this little painting in all its flaws. It was fun to see how the different shades blended together to create this unique cactus. It’s definitely a great video tutorial for beginners!

That’s all I have this week! Like I said, short and sweet. BUT there is going to be a special announcement early next week – make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss it! See you then!

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