Introducing… Frugal Foodie Friends!

Friends, I’m so excited to announce a new monthly segment I’ll be doing with my coworker and friend, Esther, from Paul’s Kitchen: Frugal Foodie Friends!fff headerEsther has recently started doing a food and travel blog on Chef Paul’s website, and we thought it would be so fun to link up and do a segment for both of our blogs – that way our readers can get two perspectives! We’ve been working hard for the past few weeks and are so excited to share a little bit about our new segment.

What is Frugal Foodie Friends?

We’re calling ourselves the Frugal Foodie Friends because we both love good food, but like most people (especially in the 20s like we are), we are ballin’ a budget!

Each month, we will visit a place in the LA/OC area and spend $30 or less on our meal. We’ll review each place we visit and score it based on a few factors, like ambiance, service, quality of food, and some other things. We aren’t experienced food critics by any means, but like most people just want to find great food that won’t break the bank. And hopefully in reading our thoughts on each place, you can know what to try (or not to try) in the LA and OC area, or are inspired to do go on some food-ventures yourself!

Why I’m excited for the Frugal Foodie Friends segment

I’m so excited to branch out and try new food places near me – I LOVE going to new places to eat! Yelp is my best friend when trying to find new places, and most of the time it hasn’t steered me wrong. I usually go out to eat with my wonderful hubby to eat, but we usually stick to a few places that we know and trust. So I’m excited to branch out and do some exploring with Esther!

What place I’m most excited to try

I’m excited to go to Amaya, which is an Indian restaurant in Buena Park. I’ve driven by it many times on the way to Knott’s Berry Farm and always thought to myself that it looks like a really fun place to go. Some of Esther’s and my coworkers recommended it as well, so I have some pretty high expectations for this place!

To see Esther’s thoughts about Frugal Foodie Friends and check out her blog, click here!

And now, here is our Frugal Foodie Friends bucket list!!! If you want to follow along, here’s our list on Yelp, too.

Food bucket list banner

  1. Elbows Mac and Cheese, Brea
  2. Les Amis, Fullerton 
  3. Amaya, Buena Park
  4. Kettle Black, LA
  5. Pita Hot, Fullerton
  6. Phlight, Whittier
  7. Hidden House Coffee Roasters, Santa Ana
  8. Cauldron, Santa Ana
  9. Federal Bar, Long Beach
  10. Gjelina Brunch, Venice
  11. Brussel’s Bistro, Laguna
  12. Slapfish, Brea
  13. Playground, Santa Ana
  14. Mama D’s, Newport Beach
  15. Lock and Key Social Drinkery, Downey
  16. Thai Basil, Fullerton
  17. Mendacino Farms, Brea
  18. Milk and Honey, Costa Mesa
  19. Sqirl, LA
  20. Snooze AM, Tustin
  21. Gabbi’s Mexican Kitchen, Orange
  22. Union Market, Tustin
  23. Wurstkucke/Pie Hole/Amazebowls, LA
  24. Fourth Street Market, Santa Ana
  25. El Mercado, Santa Ana

I hope you guys are as excited as I am! We’ll be releasing our first review on Thursday, so be sure to check back then! Have a great week!

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