MC 11.3: (Water)color me an artist!

Hey friends! This week I had more time to watercolor since I had Good Friday off, and I really enjoyed challenging myself to do some more substantial projects. Watercolor is so relaxing, if you’re looking for a new hobby I would definitely recommend it!

The first thing I did this last week was watch Jess Park’s 3rd watercolor class – Painting Botanicals. Jess did a great job in quickly demonstrating how to do a variety of leaves, flowers, and cacti. It was a fun project! Here are the instructions if you’re interested.


Of all the things I wanted to try in watercolor, I really wanted to learn how to do wreaths. I LOVED this tutorial by Shayda Campbell. She broke it down into simple steps and encouraged her viewers to not worry about it being perfect. Being a perfectionist, that is hard for me to do, but I’m learning it’s hard to be a perfectionist in watercolor! I’m really pleased with how it turned out and I’m excited to do some more wreaths.


One of my favorite projects this week was making cute little watercolor cards with tutorials from K Werner Design! I made a fun flower watercolor card for a friend at work, and another birthday cake card in honor of my friend Sav who is turning 25 this week! They both were so simple but turned out so cute – I may never buy cards again!




Lastly, I tried another Jay Lee flower tutorial. I’m finding watercolor is getting a little easier and I care a little bit less about it being perfect every time I do it! I don’t love the flowers on this one, but I do really like the variety of leaves!


That’s all for watercolor this week, but make sure you check back later this week for my first Frugal Foodie Friends review! If you missed the announcement, read all about it on this post. Have a great week!

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