MC 12.2: So You Think You Can Dance?

Hey friends! Hope you had a great week! I spent the weekend in the Bay area because one of my besties got engaged and I went to surprise her! The 12 hours driving in the car was worth it to get to celebrate her and her new fiance šŸ™‚

Even though I had a busy week, I still got to dance a little bit! As some of you might now, I have always loved to dance and I especially love tutorial videos. So I decided to revisit a video I learned from in high school with my small group! My leader Melinda, and her sister got me and some of the other girls involved in National Dance day, promoted by some of the choreographers from the show So You Think You Can Dance. The Dizzy Feet Foundation, in conjunction with the choreographers, puts out a few dance tutorials for a variety of skill levels so that the whole nation can learn the dances and do them in flash mobs on National Dance day. If you want to learn more, check out their website here.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 8.52.45 PM

This dance, set to Party Rock Anthem, was the first one I learned for the 2011 National Dance day. It’s at the Master Class level, so it’s pretty advanced. Even though I remembered some of the moves I had a hard time keeping up when I was relearning it! I guess I should probably work out dance more :).

The thing I love about Tabitha and Napolean’s video is that they have a name for each set of steps so they are easy to remember. They also do a really good job of counting it out for people like me who need the counts. AND they teach in short spurts, vs. several 8 counts at a time. This video is mirrored, so you can just follow them how they are.

If you’re interested in watching dance tutorials, I would definitely recommend going back through the videos from the past few years! They have different instructors and dances each time. I really like this recent beginner level video from Twitch. And in case you want to catch the next National Dance day, it’s the last Saturday in July! See you next week for another update!

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