MC 12.3: It’s Like the Movies

Hey friends, I went line dancing again last weekend and each time I go it gets more and more fun! This time I wanted to learn something impressive so I could knew more than just the beginner dances, so I decided to learn the Fake ID line dance from footloose! (Photo cred: K.C. Bailey).

Thankfully, the choreographers from the movie have a tutorial on youtube that does a great job at explaining it. While the choreography seems simple at first, when I watched the video from the movie I realized there are a lot of nuances to this dance!

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 10.55.00 AM
There are only 6 8-counts to this dance, but the song is so fast-paced that you really have to know the steps in order to keep up. Even though it’s a fast dance, once I watched the video a few times I didn’t think it was too hard! Although I’m sure I’ll never match Julianne Hough’s flair in the movie.

Anyways, when I went line dancing this weekend I was a little bit of a nerd and tried to write down all the dances they called out (that I could understand at least) and looked up a few when I got home. So if you want some more line dance tutorials, I have a few for you!

Redneck Angel

Slappin Leather

Cowboy Up

That’s it for this week! I’m already practicing my final dance for you guys, so hopefully it’s a really good one! See you next week!

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