Date Night In: Give Thanks

Hey friends! Life has been SO busy lately so I have not gotten as much time to blog as I would like! Thankfully I am not planning as many parties as at Halloween, but there are still so many Christmas parties and events to go to. I absolutely love Christmas, but I am one of those people that refuses to listen to Christmas music or decorate until Thanksgiving is over. I think it’s important to spend time being thankful for what we have before all the shopping craziness hits!

One of the things I am super thankful for is a new opportunity to partner with Night In Boxes! Night in boxes has a variety of boxes, but I’m doing their date night box. Each box is filled with themed date night items, snacks, and activities with the goal of connecting with your partner in a new and creative way! I was so excited to receive my first date night box last week, with the appropriate theme of giving thanks. If you missed it, check out my first ever unboxing video on my Instagram story! Note: I receive a free box in exchange for my honest opinion. This post also contains affiliate links. If you buy something through those links, you will not pay any more, but I will get a small commission!

This week was a busy one for my husband especially as he was studying for med school finals constantly, so we were both really looking forward to our Sunday together. It was SO nice to have a date night to look forward to that neither one of us had to plan! I did briefly look through the activity booklet that came and saw that there was an optional dinner menu and some other ingredients needed for an activity, so I’m glad I looked at it ahead of time.


The dinner menu is created by Marina from Marina Makes and it. was. wonderful! There were recipes for a drink, main dish, side, and dessert. We made the main dish, which was a turkey, brie, and cranberry pesto phyllo wrap. Since neither of us had worked with phyllo before, it was a unique experience as we tried to figure out how to quickly unfreeze the pastry dough rather than wait for 40 minutes :). We also made parmesan thyme mashed potatoes which were AMAZING and definitely something I would make again! I enjoyed getting to cook with my husband as part of our date night.


Another part about the box I really liked was the discussion questions. Amy from Freshly Married includes a conversation guide to go with dinner, with questions to ask each other focused on thankfulness. I enjoyed having the guide so that we had something new to talk about! I also got the faith booklet add-on that provided some more discussion and bible verses to help grow your faith, which I thought was a great touch. We were also able to listen to a curated Spotify playlist during dinner, so I didn’t even have to think about the music!


There were so many activities packed in this little box – I was surprised! Our first activity was to make homemade ice cream and apple cider floats. All the ingredients were provided with the exception of milk and ice cubes. The ice cream was surprisingly delicious!

Our next activity included a post-it notepad that had “Thank you for…” printed on it. We each took some and wrote what we were thankful for in regards to our spouse, then hid them all over the house. I am looking forward to finding notes throughout the week!

Next we played a card game that was included – it was a word game so of course I won 🙂 We also set up a little thank you plastic display to write notes to each other during the week. Last, we learned that there was a children’s book included to give away to a child that needs it, and we decided who to give it to.

We had a great time doing our date night box and are looking forward to receiving another one next month! For those of you still doing your Christmas shopping, these date night boxes make great gifts for others! Right now there is a promotion running for 15% off using code NIBWINTER, so it’s a great time to try a box or sign up for a subscription! Hope you guys enjoyed reading about our date!

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