Book Review: Prescription for the Doctor’s Wife

I don’t know about you, but when I’m entering something new and unknown, it’s comforting to hear from other people who have been through it and made it to the other side. When Matt was in the final stages of interviewing and in the process of getting accepted into medical school, I was desperate for resources for doctor’s wives, because I knew med school and residency is a long road. I wanted to prepare myself and also find encouragement from those who have gone before me.

I was excited when I found this book by Debby Read called Prescription for the Doctor’s Wife, as it is not only directed toward people like me, but it is written from a Christian perspective. I learned that Debby also married her high school sweetheart and moved to Virginia, so we have a few thing in common! She is now the co-director of the Christian Medical and Dental Association ministry at the Medical College of Virginia and is a part of the Side by Side ministry, which I have been blessed to be part of. Debby kindly gave me a copy of her book in exchange for my honest opinion, and I have loved reading about her experiences as a doctor’s wife. Each chapter is based on a verse from Psalm 19, which also made it feel like a devotional. So many parts of the book challenged me in my faith and marriage, and I wanted to share a five of my favorite quotes with you!

“God continues to show me that I need to deal with my own issues (which are plentiful) and to get out of the way so He can deal with my husband’s issues. I am only responsible to God for me. He is faithful in working in both our lives to refine us.”

“A marriage where each person is self-centered is a disaster waiting to happen. If we try to seek what is best for ourselves first and foremost, we deeply hurt one another. God’s way is so much better. It is beautiful to see a marriage where each person seeks what is best for the other. It is ironic that in doing so, we receive what is best for us.”

“If God is the center of a marriage, then He is glorified. If self is at the center, then much heartache occurs and God’s image is hard to see.”

“Your marriage will change through the seasons, but it also changes throughout the years as you spend your life together. Keep in mind that you are building upon a foundation that you want to stand the test of time.”

“God has called us to be a doctor’s wife just as He has given our husbands the call to be a doctor. They are both high callings…How critical it is to see the vision to serve God together through the ministry of medicine–supporting and encouraging one another in the journey.”

I greatly enjoyed reading Debby’s book about being the best wife you can be. She shares so much wisdom, not only from her own experiences, but also from other medical wives. Even if you’re not married to a doctor or medical student, much of what she has to stay is still relevant. I ended her book feeling encouraged that I can rely on God’s strength to support my husband on this journey. I would definitely recommend her book!

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