Date Night In: Foundation of Love

I don’t know about you all, but my schedule filled up quick this year! Matt seems to have so many tests to study for and my work, school and social calendar has made each week packed. I LOVE getting my date night in box because it means we get to set aside a few hours for a super easy planned date, no matter how busy we are. This month’s theme was foundation of love, and it really brought out the imagination and fun we used to have as little kids 🙂

Note: I receive a free box in exchange for my honest opinion. This post also contains affiliate links. If you buy something through those links, you will not pay any more, but I will get a small commission!


As always, Marina made a great menu! This menu was all about deconstructed foods, to fit with the theme. We didn’t make the pomegranate guac (although it looked delicious!) because we are lazy, but we did enjoy deconstructed tacos and churro muffins!


For our discussion, we talked about what things our relationship was built on. It was fun to reflect on what makes our relationship unique, especially since we have grown so much since we first started dating 8 years ago!. We also talked about things that we need to compromise on, such as not always having to be right. It was a great discussion and helped us get in the right mindset for our activities!


Our first activity was to write things that are foundational to our relationship on colored popsicle sticks, which we then used to build a structure around a candle. There were about 80 sticks so it was a bit of a stretch (apparently TV is foundational to us) but we eventually filled them all! Speaking of compromise, Matt and I had very different ideas about how to best build the structure. In the end neither of our ideas worked that well, which was an indication that we should work together next time 🙂


Our next task was to build a structure out of jelly beans and toothpicks that would hold our date night box, at which point I learned that somehow throughout all his life, my husband has never built a marshmallow-toothpick structure. I thought it was impossible to go to school/youth group/church camp without doing that as an activity, but I was wrong. We built a pretty solid platform to hold the box, and even had a few jelly beans leftover to munch on.

jelly bean.JPG

Last was the hardest building project of all – seeing how high we could build something to hold a jelly bean out of only bendy straws and tape. Challenge accepted. This took a while to figure out, but eventually we decided to make long straw tubes and put them together in bunches, twisting them to give more strength. At this point Darcy was feeling left out so she decided to take a straw for herself.

Overall this one was a really fun date, complete with candy lego blocks to snack on! If you’re thinking about trying a date night in box,  there is a sale going on this month! You can get 20% off any plan with the code: BEMINE! You can also get two free dates with a 6 or 12 month subscription with the code: TRUELOVE. If you order by 2/13, your box will be shipped by 2/15. Shoutout to Cami who won my instagram giveaway! If you don’t follow me on instagram, make sure you do because I’ll be doing more giveaways there. Hope y’all enjoyed my latest review!

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4 thoughts on “Date Night In: Foundation of Love

  1. Mike Williamson, PhD says:

    Congratulations to you and Matt for your scholarship and successes, your love for the Lord, and your great marriage. As I have told you on the occasion of many hugs, “Grandpa loves you!” So here is a vicarious hug and I’ll say it again,

    “Grandpa loves you!”


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