Med School Spouse Interview: Year 1

Hey friends! As part of my diaries of a student doctor’s wife series, I thought it would be fun to interview spouses from each year of med school to give a different take on what med school is really like! I hope it gives you a bit of insight and hope for those of you who are considering that route.

We are more than halfway through year 1 of med school, and I thought my friend Aimee would have some great things to share about how it has been for her and her husband so far. I’ve known Aimee and her husband since medical school has started and have enjoyed getting to know them and being with them throughout their first pregnancy. They now have a beautiful little girl that the rest of us med wives will totally spoil! 

Tell us a little bit about you and your DrH. How long have you been together?
We met in August of 2014, and got married in July of 2015.

What was the biggest thing you have learned so far about med school?Patience and communication are key. Since starting med school I have been pregnant and now we have our first child. This has added extra stress to my husband on top of medical school, and the biggest help has been when we communicate what one another needs and is feeling.

How has your relationship grown since you first started med school?
Our communication with one another has definitely grown and we have both learned to make extreme sacrifices for one another as well.

What’s been the most surprising thing about med school?
I was honestly surprised at how fast we became so close to other medical school wives and friends. Our circle of friends here grew quickly and for that I’m extremely grateful.

Do you have any tips for communicating with and supporting your spouse during their first year?
Listening to what they need, or may not know they need is important in the communication aspect. As for support, I do my best to take as much of the household and day to day life things off my husband’s plate as possible.

How have you kept yourself busy while your spouse is studying?
Between my part-time job, friends I have made, and a new baby, I’ve stayed pretty busy when he’s at school or studying.

How have you found support as a medical school spouse?
Being able to just take an afternoon and talk with the other med school wives and friends in my church has really been a big support to me.

What do you wish people knew about med school?
It’s not just like a master’s program, it’s a whole different ball game.

Any words of wisdom to share with those who have spouses applying for or considering med school?
It’s a long road ahead, as I’m only in year one, but with communication, love and respect you can do it.

I hope you enjoyed reading Aimee’s words of wisdom from the first year of medical school. If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear them!

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