March ’19 Friday Favorites

Hey friends! It’s finally spring! Hopefully the weather will get a clue soon and bring some sunshine. I just returned from a trip to Maui during spring break, and it has me so ready for warmer weather. So today on Friday Favorites, I’m sharing my favorite vacay items!

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1. Ocean Obsession Maui pearl necklace

While in Hawaii, I spied a beautiful black pearl necklace that I loved, and my sweet husband surprised me with it towards the end of our trip! It’s unique, elegant, and simple all at the same time, and I’ve worn it every day. Ocean Obsession Maui sells their pearl and sea glass jewelry on Etsy, so you can get one too! Right now they don’t have the single pearl necklace in stock, but they have some other beautiful pieces.

2. A New Day sunglasses

I never spend more than about $15 on sunglasses because I always lose, break, or scratch them. I like these A New Day sunglasses so much that I got the same pair when my dog chewed on the first ones. They have a bit of a pink tone to them which I really like, and they are so inexpensive! You can get them at Target for $15.

3. Target one piece swimsuit

I got this suit in January when I found out we were going to Hawaii, and thankfully they still have it in stock! I love the fun yellow color and the cut is really cute. It has a nice low back and fun cut outs on the side while not being too skimpy. Definitely a cute one for vacation.

4. Tahiti Island Dream shower gel

If anything smells like an island in a bottle, it’s this Bath and Body works shower gel. It has the best smell and the travel size is perfect for vacation!

5. Rainbow Sandals

Last but not least, my trusty rainbows. I have loved these sandals for years – they have great arch support and perfectly conform to my feet. I’m only on my second pair but I’m sure I’ll be a customer for life. They are perfect for travel and walking on the beach!

If you weren’t ready for the beach before, you are now! I hope you enjoyed my roundup and that you also have a fun vacay coming your way soon.

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