Date Night In: Let Love Grow

Hey friends!  Sorry I have been MIA this month, it’s been a little crazy recently! Thankfully Matt and I were able to slow down a bit with our latest date night in box! It was much needed.


For dinner we decided to make spaghetti and meatballs to keep it simple, but the recipe looked great! In this box, they included a really cute recipe card, and I hope it’s a trend they continue so I can keep all of Marina’s recipes!

grow recipe.jpg


For the discussion guide, we read through five different stages of a relationships: romance, power struggle, stability, commitment and co-creation. We reflected on the times in our relationship where we went through each stage, and it really made me appreciate where we are at! We have grown a lot since we started dating in high school, and I can definitely see that we are more effective as a team than as individuals!


Our first activity was making a relationship timeline, which was fun since Matt and I have been together for 8 years now! We listed a few major milestones in our relationship, then rolled a dice to determine a number of days, months, and years for things we wanted to happen in our future timeline. It was a fun walk down memory lane while dreaming about our future. As you can see, Darcy needed to be involved.


Our next activity was perfect because I have actually wanted to get one of these for a while – we planted a basil plant together! As I mentioned in my instagram story, I am HORRIBLE at keeping plants alive, so I really hope it survives long enough for me to get a few basil leaves from it! Isn’t fresh basil the best? The kit included a decomposable plot made of bamboo, the seeds, and an expanding peat pellet. I’m just starting to see a little shoot come up, so hopefully we can use it this summer.


The date box came with a pack of playing cards that had questions on one side that were developed for two strangers to develop a sense of intimacy with each other. Instead of answering the questions for ourselves, we thought it would be fun to answer them for each other. For example, one question was “Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?” and for Matt I said Michael Jordan. For “What do you value most in a friendship?”, Matt knew the right answer for me was loyalty. I guess you could say we know each other pretty well!

Lastly, we sipped on iced wild raspberry hibiscus tea from Stash tea, which, fun fact, has its headquarters near our home in Oregon! The tea was so good and helped cool us down from a competitive card game of Egyptian rat slap. I was so close to winning. Next time.


We really enjoyed this box and love how it helped us nurture and grow our relationship! If you’re not sure what to get your mom for Mother’s Day this week, I think a date night in box would be a great gift!

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