Date Night In: Throwback

As soon as I saw that the theme of this date night in box would be throwback, I was so excited. I knew that we were going to be able to reminisce about our childhood and hopefully have some fun retro games thrown in. This box did not disappoint!

Side note: DNI always puts together a fun playlist to set the mood for the dates. I asked Matt to pull up the Spotify playlist on his phone. We had listened to several classic punk pop songs that made sense for a throwback playlist from Avril Lavigne, Matchbox Twenty, Blink 182, etc. Then all of a sudden, a new Dierks Bentley song came on, and I was like huh? This is in the throwback playlist? Turns out, my husband had just been playing his normal Spotify playlist and we didn’t even know the difference because he listens to about 70% 90s and 00s music. I had to roll my eyes.


On the menu was a homemade salad (I got a prepackaged mix because I’m lazy), homemade hot pockets (which were amazing and so easy!) and dunkaroos (aka marshmallow fluff with sprinkles and graham cracker sticks). I loved how simple and nostalgic the menu was, it set up the rest of the night perfectly!


The discussion for this date was really fun, because it was all about fun memories of growing up. Matt and I are both pretty nostalgic and sentimental, and since we went to high school together we have a lot of fun sharing stories and memories about those times. It was also fun to forget about our present day responsibilities and feel like a kid again!


I love the dinner and discussion, but the activities are always my favorite part. First, we did an 80’s/90’s trivia quiz, and I really thought we were going to do good, but we only got about 6 out of 20 questions. #Ifailasa90skid

Next we made popsicles out of kool-aid, and I was reminded of how much that stuff stains your hands! While those were in the fridge, we snacked on pop rocks, ring pops and smarties and did our next activity.

After putting on some neon sunglasses and blowing up a fake microphone, we started Truth, Dare, or Karaoke, which was a blast. I really enjoyed seeing my husband sing Don’t Stop Believing because it goes SO high. We also had to share our most embarrassing story, do our best moonwalk, and tee-pee our neighbor’s house. Just kidding about that last one, but that was definitely both of our favorite past time in high school.

You can still order the throwback date night in box and get 50% off with the code FLASHBACK! The sale ends on 4/6 at 8 am EST. Hope you enjoyed my review and that you try out the box – I promise you’ll have a blast πŸ™‚

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6 thoughts on “Date Night In: Throwback

  1. Charley says:

    Such a fun review! And I love your photos! We didn’t make the koolaid popsicles for that main reason lol ! These are so worth spending a fun evening at home !


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