Date Night In: Sensing More

Hey friends! It’s time for another Date Night In box review! I am so thankful we have the opportunity to do these date nights together. It helps us have quality time together and neither of us have to plan for it 🙂

This time, the team at DNI made a special website for this date that had everything we would need on it, from a date invite, to a downloadable shopping list for our dinner menu, a playlist, and an audio guide to guide us through our date. I liked having everything in one place, especially since there were some tutorial videos for one of our activities! The theme of this box was “Sensing More” where we used all of our five senses during our date.



When I saw that this recipe card included Mediterranean food, I was pumped! I love Mediterranean food but don’t get to eat it often since Matt’s not a huge fan. But he was a good sport and tried everything we made! We made tzatziki dip, tomato and cucumber salad, whipped feta, and white bean and basil hummus. The basil hummus was my favorite because it was so fresh, but I also liked the whipped feta because it had paprika and toasted pumpkin seeds on top! We ate it with naan bread since we weren’t able to get pita, and it was still delicious! Darcy was clearly jealous of our meal.

For our main entree, we made parmesan, panko and almond-crusted tilapia. We’ve never made tilapia before, but it turned out really well! I loved the crunch of the parmesan and almonds.


For this date, our Table Talk discussion was led via the audio guide. The goal was to reflect on our relationship and how our senses tie into our memories of each other. Each sense had several fill-in-the-blank statements for us to discuss, such as “Your touch always felt____. I felt safe in your arms, especially when we____. We used to stroll down the street, I loved it when you would_____.” We found the exercise to be a little cheesy, but we also had our faith discussion guide, where we talked about trusting each other and then did an actual trust fall (which Matt was skeptical I would actually do).


We had five activities for each of our senses, which I thought was very creative!

I love a good massage and I sometimes frequently request them from my husband 🙂 So I was excited when our first activity was giving each other massages! We were provided with a few massage cards for us to choose from, and used the Plantlife lavendar oil that was included in the box. Matt chose a Thai massage which I had no clue what to do with, and realized later that there were tutorial videos for each massage on the site! I tried a foot reflexology massage which was great.

I was a little confused at the mouse pad-looking piece of foam that was included in our box, but it made sense when we discovered it was a pieceless puzzle.  After we put the puzzle together, we had a minute to study the items that were shown, and then were asked some questions to see if we could remember what we saw. We both have pretty good recall, but I won 🙂

This was my favorite part of the date! We got a box of McCrea’s Caramels with 5 caramels and cut them into small bites so we could do a taste test. The flavors were: single malt scotch, dark roasted mocha, black lava sea salt, basil cayenne, and tapped maple. For each caramel, we wrote notes about the smell, taste, and timing, then gave them a score. We both loved the single malt scotch, and I really liked the mocha while Matt liked the sea salt. The caramels were amazing and I would definitely recommend!

For the sound portion, our audio host asked us to close our eyes, and answer a few questions about how we feel about each other. I prefer reading the questions as there was a good amount of time provided between questions in the video, but I liked the idea!

Last but not least, we smelled three candle samples from OKCollective. They had the most millennial-sounding scents ever, but they were all great! We both liked the Stargazer one.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s review! If you’re thinking about trying a box, I would definitely order the one for June – it looks very Gatsby-esque!

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