Aug. ’19 Friday Favorites

Hey friends! Summer is slipping away but I’m not ready for the cold fall weather like everyone else seems to be. For today’s roundup, I’m sharing some of my favorite things from this summer, from entertainment, to crafts to my favorite – a new bible! Enjoy 🙂

1. Secret Hitler game

You know when someone explains something to you that sounds really weird or boring but is obviously really excited about it, and then once you do it, you totally get their excitement? That’s how I feel about Secret Hitler. My friend introduced me to the game on New Year’s Eve last year, and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. It’s a social deduction game where you try to find and stop a group of “fascists” and ultimately the Secret Hitler. It’s great to play with a group of people you’re either really comfortable with or you may never see again, because accusations will be flying left and right. One group of our friends plays it so much, we decided to keep a tally of wins and losses. You can get the official wooden version for $35, but there’s also a free printable version online!

2. DIY Macrame earrings

One of my friends makes the most fun earrings, and I was so glad she came over a few weeks ago for a craft night! We both ended up making some really cute macrame earrings – I did mine with this cord, and she did hers with embroidery floss. I found this great video showing exactly how to make the earrings, which was so helpful as the pattern looks a little intimidating at first! This project was really easy and relaxing. Between the two strings, I’d recommend the embroidery floss as it’s a little easier to do the fringe with.

3. POPSUGAR workout

As most of you who have read this blog for a bit know, I hate working out. I can only do it if it’s disguised as something fun like Zumba or hip hop. I usually look on YouTube for different workouts, and I have loved most of the ones I have found on the POPSUGAR fitness account! This one is a cardio kickboxing one, and I was SO sweaty at the end of that half hour. It’s a really good workout with enough variety in the moves to keep it interesting. And they have someone doing modified moves if you’re more on the beginner side of things (like me :).

4. The Search by NF

A friend recently introduced me to NF (you might have heart his hit Let You Down on the radio) and it was great timing because he just dropped a new album called The Search! I have really enjoyed his single by the same name, and I’ve spent many car rides trying to learn the rap. The first few times I heard the song I got chills – it’s that good. The album overall is a little dark as NF wrestles with things like anxiety and depression, but as a Christian artist he includes a message of hope as well.

5. (in)courage devotional bible

Last but not least, my newest favorite thing is my (in)courage devotional bible I got this week! My sweet mom gave me a leather bible with verses she underlined for me in high school, but after 8 years it’s definitely showing some wear, so I decided to get a new one that had devotions in it. This bible is beautifully designed and has so many great features – reading plans, devotionals, theme verses, journal lines on every page, women of the bible highlights, and bold verses for cross-referencing. If you’re in the market for a new bible, I would definitely recommend this one! Right now the gray hardback one that I got is selling on Amazon for only $19!

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