Date Night In: Island Adventure

This date night in box took me back to our spring vacation in Maui with its island vibes. Although the theme was island, the “adventure” part was sort of modeled after Olympic games – lots of competition which was right up my alley!


While we were making dinner, we listened to the island playlist, an interesting mix of pop songs like Senorita and reggae. The dinner included a delicious mango salsa, which we put on cod fish tacos. We made simple drinks with pineapple and cranberry juice, and for dessert we made coconut macaroons! I really enjoyed everything we ate – it all tasted so fresh!


The discussion for this date box centered around telling our stories and the myths that keep us from telling them, like “I don’t have anything important to say”, “I’m not a great writer”, or “There are better gifts I could give.” One of our activities later on encouraged us to share our story or write down a piece of encouragement for someone, so it was helpful to think through what could inhibit that. Our faith night discussion guide talked about God choosing us to do extraordinary things through ordinary encounters, and asked us to reflect on how we can recognize God working through us in those ways.


To set the stage for our island games, we made a seashell candle. All we had to do was melt our aromabeads (which were sandy beach scented) and pour it into the shell while holding the wick in it. The candle smelled sooo good!

Our first island game was “a matter of the body”, which involved putting golf tees in our box, balancing table tennis balls on top, and seeing who could shoot the balls off with a water gun in the shortest amount of time. Matt did them in about 3.5 seconds, so he definitely beat me. The game was fun, but the most entertaining part was shooting our dog with water, who was so confused at where it was all was coming from!

The next game was a “matter of the mind” and was a word challenge where there were several letters on a card and we had to make words out of them in only one minute. Matt immediately knew he would not win this one, as I am a spelling game fiend. He had no chance. But I had a blast!

Next was “a matter of the relationship”, which was a list of 20 questions. Some were individual questions, where we would write our answer as well as what we thought our spouse’s answer would be on little drawing boards. If it applied to us as a couple, we would write our answer and then flip to see if they matched. We were pretty accurate on most things, but disagreed on who is more tech savvy (obviously me).

Our white board doubled as another game called “Love at Sea”, which was essentially a DIY Battleship game. We took turns guessing spaces on the grid, and when one of us sunk a ship, we would share a fun memory we had together. I also crushed this game. I look forward to playing it again another time šŸ™‚

Lastly, we were challenged to write a story, word of encouragement, or piece of advice on a note and put it in a little bottle that was included. We decided to co-write a note of encouragement for someone, although we haven’t decided who to give it to or where to leave it yet!

We had a lot of fun on our island date night as we wrap up summer! The next date night in box is “Love at Ease”, and for once I have no clue what it’s going to be like! I love the added suspense. Congrats to Jennifer who won the giveaway for next month! Make sure you follow my instagram to make sure you don’t miss out on upcoming giveaways. Hope you enjoyed this month’s review!

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One thought on “Date Night In: Island Adventure

  1. Janis Williamson says:

    What a fun evening. Very creative! That keeps communication going and healthy for marriage.
    I have forgotten…… this a kit that you get?


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