Sept. ’20 Friday Favorites

Hey friends, it’s finally Fall! I don’t particularly love Fall weather, but I do love all the fun Fall activities. Recently, I’ve been busy working on a big project so I haven’t had much time to blog (I’ll share more soon!), but in the meantime, I have some great new favorites to share with you. Enjoy!

1. Cross Necklace

My sweet parents got me this cross necklace for my graduation and I love it so much! I was wanting a delicate necklace that was close to choker length, and this fits the bill perfectly. It has 3 lengths and just the right amount of sparkle with the cubic zirconia on the cross. I got the gold, but there’s also a silver option!

2. Taylor Swift Folklore Workout

Leave it to Taylor to make an incredible album during quarantine. It’s definitely a more chill album, but I love the new sound compared to her more upbeat “Lover.” You wouldn’t think it would be a good workout soundtrack, but Maddie from MadFit will prove you wrong! This 16-minute workout goes through 4 songs from the new album, and even though it’s slower it’s definitely a workout. It’s a lot of barre/sculpting type moves, and be prepared to do a lot of squats!

3. Just One game

When my parents visted a few weeks ago, we went to our local game cafe to play some new games. One employee recommended a game called Just One, which was so fun! The person who is leading the round will draw a card with 5 words on it and place it facing the rest of the group. They will then pick a number, and everyone will write a one-word clue relating to that word on a little white board. The “it” person closes their eyes while the rest show each other their clues. If there are any repeats, both clues are taken out. Then the person will try to guess the word based on all the clues. This was hard to play with 4 people, because if 2 people had matching clues there was only 1 left! The links that seem obvious to everyone else could seem nonexistent to the person guessing, which makes for lots of laughs at the end. The goal of the game is to get at least 7 out of 13 cards right.

4. Done app

I know it’s kind of late in the year to find a productivity app, but I realized I needed a new way to help keep me accountable in reaching at least some of my goals! I found this app called Done which is SO. GREAT. I love it for several reasons: you can set up goals daily, weekly, and monthly. You can color coordinate them, group them, and set reminders for yourself if you haven’t reached your goal yet. The interface is beautiful and it’s extremely easy to use. It’s super helpful for me because as you know I have at least 20 goals at one time. It’s free for about a week, but you can also do a monthly subscription for $3 or a yearly subscription for $11, both of which give you premium access to Done and 5 other apps from the company. If you’re looking for an app to help you track your goals, I’d recommend this one!

5. Paul Mitchell curling wand

I got this curling wand for my birthday a few months ago, but wanted to test it out a bit before I put it on the blog. Also, I haven’t had many occasions to curl my hair this year! This curling wand is great because it comes with three wand options – a large cone, a small cone, and barrel. I haven’t tried the small cone because I think it would be too small, but I’ve enjoyed using the large cone and barrel. What I love about this wand in addition to its versatility is it heats up SUPER fast and it can go up to 410 degrees! I think it’s pretty reasonable for being a name brand wand at just over $100.

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