Date Night In: Great Love

Another date night in box is in the books! I was SO excited for this month’s box because it looked really Gatsby-esque. I loved the deco art branding on the box!


For dinner we made sparkling lemon and mint soda for drinks, west egg caprese skewers, hotsy-totsy goat cheese and sundried tomato sliders, and bow tie brownies! Everything was so fresh, it was perfect for the summer. The goat cheese and sundried tomato sliders were sooo good, it was a great combo! We also really enjoyed listening to the DNI playlist, with some jazz mixed in with songs from the Gatsby track.



For our faith discussion, we talked about how we can better show love to each other as Jesus has loved us, and how we need to choose to love even if we don’t feel like it. It was a great reminder, as the longer we are together the more comfortable we become. In our table talk guide, we talked about the mystery that comes when we first started dating and how to introduce mystery into our relationship again by trying something new like taking a class on a new topic. I hope that’s something we will be able to do soon!


Our first activity was a murder mystery game, which I was thrilled about because I love those types of games. The setting: “Prohibition just passed, forcing nightlife and other illegal activity underground and behind closed doors. A highly frequented speakeasy, The Whitmore, has been under the watchful eye of the police, but with corruption running deep, who knows what side they are on? Two nights ago, Mr. Whitmore, the owner of the speakeasy, was murdered. His body was dumped in the river, and now it’s up to you to figure out where the murder occurred, who dun’ it and how they dun’ it.” The game was a combination of clue and go fish, and we had a blast playing even though neither of us guessed the who, what, and where of the murder.


Next we did a time capsule of our relationship and decided we should open it in 10 years. We included some pictures of us, a nespresso capsule since we got a nespresso machine this year, a doggy bag to represent Darcy, some love notes from another date night, a wine cork, and lists of our favorite activities, places we want to go, etc. I am really excited to open it in 2029!


Lastly, we played a game of Mexican dominos (with Darcy’s help). Matt crushed me almost every round so of course he wanted to play several games.


We had a lot of fun with this date night in box! The next one looks like it will have sort of an Italian theme with some dancing included. It definitely looks like it will be a good one to try out!

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