Date Night In: Dine & Dance

Dining and dancing are two of my favorite things, so I knew this date night in box would be a good one. Matt is heading back to school next week, and I was glad we were able to fit in a date night before his schedule gets filled up with studying!



Although the recipes for this date night looked great, we didn’t have time to get groceries for it so we made our own dinner which happened to go alongside it – homemade meatballs and spaghetti! Turns out, this box also included everything we needed to make our own pizza – the dough, sauce, spices and parmesan! We decided to add some prosciutto and basil for toppings, and it turned out delicious. Of course, wearing the included chef hats made it even better.


Our discussion centered around obstacles that get in the way of us truly listening to and spending quality time with each other. We went through a list of obstacles and talked about what things tend to distract us as well as action steps for how to avoid those obstacles and focus on the other person. It was a great reminder for us to put down the phone or turn off the T.V. and put more effort into listening to each other.


After making and eating our delicious pizza, our next activity was learning some new dance moves! We picked this routine that is supposed to be an easy dance for things like weddings. It was a little cheesy, but I liked that it got my husband up and dancing with me 🙂

Next, we played a 30 second card game where we took turns saying 5 items in a certain category before the timer ran out. Some were pretty easy, like things you wear on a date, but it was hard to come up with 5 thriller/horror movies for date night! I love the card games that come in the boxes as my husband and I are both pretty competitive.


Lastly, we took a “what kind of pizza are you” quiz! I got calzone, and I thought the description was hilarious: “So technically you’re not a pizza, but maybe a first cousin to one. Strong, independent and unique, you stand out from the crowd!” Matt got Neapolitan pizza, which said: “There is something steady and classic about you. What you see is what you get!” I’m sure everyone that knows him would agree this is a very accurate description.


My favorite part of this date night was definitely the pizza, but I also was grateful for the reminder to avoid distractions and to really listen to my husband when we are spending time together. I hope you enjoyed this date night in box review! Make sure you follow my instagram because I will be doing another giveaway soon 🙂

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