LifePlanner Review

If you haven’t guessed this about me already, I’m a planner. I love writing things down and crossing them off my to do list, especially if it looks all pretty 🙂 I’ve tried out several planners over the years, but when my cousin showed me the Erin Condren planners I knew I would have to try one. My parents got me a gift certificate for my birthday so I could pick one out, and I love it so much I wanted to show it to you all! This post is not sponsored, I just want to share the love for those of you who like planners as much as I do 🙂 Be sure to check out my instagram for a video walk through as well!

Erin updates her planner themes every May, so it was a perfect time to order one for the year. This year’s theme is a fun kaleidescope pattern, incorporated into the quote pages, stickers, and other elements. For the cover, I picked out this watercolor floral print because I love florals and the illustrations! I customized it by adding my name and upgrading to the rose gold coil, which was totally worth it. The front and back covers are laminated and the insides act as a little whiteboard, which is perfect for writing down things to add for a grocery list or quick reminders.

The front pages have inspirational quotes, a calendar of the whole year, and a goal-setting spread. I used the space at the top of the year calendar view to remind me what colors of pen I’m using for what activities on my monthly calendar.

Each month starts out with a lined page and inspirational quote. I use the lined page as a journal page that allows me to reflect on what I did and things I learned that month.

The next spread has another empty page and a dashboard page that has blocks for birthdays, to-dos, and free space. I use the empty page for prayer requests, one block for something I’ve learned that month, and one block for a “word of the month” I want to focus on.

Next is a monthly calendar spread with a list on the right side that I use for random things I have to do that month.

For the weekly spread, there are 3 layout options to choose from: vertical, hourly, and horizontal. I used a horizontal spread in my last planner and knew it wouldn’t work for me, and decided against hourly because I often don’t plan my day out by the hour. I ended up going with the vertical layout, which is broken into three chunks. I figured I could use it hourly if I needed to, or could split it up by category, which is how I use it now. The top block I use for events for the day, like community group, birthdays, or date nights. The middle block I use for random to-dos, and the bottom block I use for meal planning during the summer, or homework tasks during the school year. There is a smaller box at the bottom of each day where I write something I’m grateful for. On the right is a little lined section that I use for my weekly memory verse, I love seeing it throughout the week as I add to my planner!

You can tell I haven’t actually started on that week because it got way more full throughout 😉

At the back are some extra fun coloring pages, note pages, and a contact page! So far I’ve used those to keep track of books I’ve read, my goals, and a highlight of each month. There are so many different options! There is also a spread for the next year in case you want to add future events.

And maybe some of the most important pages – sticker pages!

The planner also comes with some fun extras like gift stickers, postcards, and little tags! I keep them all in the pocket in the back, along with a celebration planner for birthdays and special occasions.

I did spend quite a bit of time looking into the perfect pens for this planner, and I ended up buying this 10 piece set of InkJoy .07 Gel pens. They write very smoothly and don’t bleed through the paper! The only gripe I have about the planner is that the paper is a bit on the rough side with 80# mohawk, but the pens glide on smoothly so it’s not a big issue.

I hope you enjoyed my review of the Erin Condren LifePlanner! If you want a more detailed review, be sure to check out my instagram!

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