Date Night In: Love at Ease

Hey friends, it’s been a busy few weeks for Matt and I, so I was really grateful to get this Date Night In box. It’s so nice to have a special date all planned out with very little prep ahead of time. This month’s theme was love at ease, and it was all about rest and relaxation – exactly what we needed!


I love a good breakfast dinner, so I was really looking forward to making the meal for this date. Honestly, it was probably one of my favorite meals from the DNI boxes! We made sage and garlic breakfast sausage which was SO yummy. My husband was oooing and ahhhing over the sausage and wished we had more to eat. But my favorite was the buttermilk pancakes topped with cinnamon apples. They were the best pancakes I think I have ever eaten. They were so fluffy and the apples were perfectly sweet. I also added some diced potatoes to round out the meal. I am definitely saving these recipes for future use!


Our discussion guide talked about the importance of rest, something I am trying to be better at. We talked about a few questions like, “What prevents you from taking the time to rest?” and “How can I support you in making rest a daily priority?” This was really helpful for us as we don’t have a lot of free time but want to spend quality time doing things that are restful. We both agreed walking our dog Darcy is one of our favorite ways to rest. Our faith night in discussion guide talked about resting in the Lord and honoring God with our time. It encouraged us to think about if our schedule reflects our priorities, which reminded me that the time we spend shows where our hearts are.


Our first activity was a dice game called easy rollin’. Basically, we rolled two dice over and over to get as many points as possible, but if we rolled a 1, we lost all the points. The first person to get 100 won – which was me because Matt rolled a bunch of 1s in a row 🙂

Our next activity was called “sip and savor”, and we used a handy tool called Coffee Brew Buddy, which is a reusable single serve coffee or tea filter. We got a few coffee and tea samples to try, and ended up making the decaf columbian and the herbal bedtime tea. Sipping on some hot drinks was a great way to wind down after the high stakes dice game.

A crossword puzzle was next on the list, and it was surprisingly difficult! All the words related to rest or love. The one that stumped us for a while was 10 letters and the clue was “term of endearment” – any guesses? It was sweetheart. It’s not one we use very often so it didn’t come to mind right away, but eventually we figured it out.

Last was the funniest part of the night, where we attempted to do couples yoga. My husband has never done yoga before, but he was a great sport about it. Since he is over a foot taller than me some of the moves were pretty funny. I really wish we recorded a video because I’m sure it would have been hilarious.

We had a really fun and relaxing time with this box! If you want to try one out, the next one looks really cute with a Fall theme. And if you buy 3, you can get 1 free with code 1FREEWITH3! Hope you enjoyed my review, and make sure to come back on Friday for a very special Friday Favorites post!

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